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Morning Mindset – 20th May 2020

The week of May 11, 2020 started with the feeling that people speculate the pandemic has been overstated and the measures to prevent the spread (which most doctors and scientists believe was already spread through November and December), may not be entirely meaningful nor scientific. Now I am not here to tell people to do […]

Vangold Mining, a silver / gold junior taking Mexico by storm

By Peter Epstein, Epstein Research – epstein.peter4 (at) Timing is everything. Precious metals are up, while almost everything else is down. Gold has soared 38% from last year’s low. This is a big move, but few investors seem to appreciate its significance. Earlier this week, Bank of America announced a gold price target of […]

True Gold Fears No Fire: China’s Emergence

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Corona was the last pebble that made the structure crash down

Corona was the last pebble that made the structure crash down. No one wants to be right predicting terrible times, it is not a thing to boast. Sometimes when we see the writing on the wall and are ignored, we feel vindicated when the thing occurs, and we are faced with the collapse. Being the […]