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The week of May 11, 2020 started with the feeling that people speculate the pandemic has been overstated and the measures to prevent the spread (which most doctors and scientists believe was already spread through November and December), may not be entirely meaningful nor scientific. Now I am not here to tell people to do or not do anything. However, I do find it suspect when the usual fake news culprits are promoting any ideas; one can almost be certain it is a fabrication, a misdirection or misguided distraction at best.

Covid 19

We will experience a summer of ignorant bliss as people giddily realize the corporate/globalist PR and advertising agencies of CNN, MSNBC, BBC and CBC all did their part to keep us busy and distracted about the real state of the economy. (Who?) will cheer on the comeback. This may work. Stranger things have happened but make no mistake the problems fundamentally have just started. If you do not think this was a power move by design or by opportunity then I challenge you to read more journals, scientific papers and data; shut off mainstream news as it parallels the Enquirer. Even their fundamental belief system of equality is not supported by evidence, history, or science. What I am speaking of here is not equality of opportunity but equality of outcome: the fundamental difference between building and creating and tearing down or demanding. It is the difference between building a future and winding down a civilization.

We have a hard time discerning what is real when you have the mainstream news pushing the idea of a horrifying pandemic yet you have in scientific journals like the New England Journal of Medicine Dr. Fauci stating:

People woke up to The Planet of Humans in which Michael Moore goes out of his way in his tabloid approach to show the failings of the green/clean tech sector. The positive aspects of the film will sober up the lunacy of the far left death cult activist which have never bothered to look at the energy numbers, nor where energy comes from and often knowingly say they do not even care about the environment like in Extinction Revival, which is simply an extreme far left political movement like Antifa. These groups do nothing but hurt the actual issue of conserving the environment and working with nature. I found it remarkably funny that so many on the left would embrace the story of nature when they themselves completely deny natures laws and biology.

These groups harmed those working tirelessly in mining and tech sectors trying to catapult us to the dream of renewable energy. It is a dream that may be 30 years away, but that sobering fact should be exciting. It is a long-term goal that is based on evidence. Just because we do not have flying cars that are completely renewable and run on renewables does not mean that we do not aim for that.
What the movie highlights is that the problem is in the third world; overpopulation. The West has decreasing birth rates which I consider a far more serious issue but at least that can be easily resolved as Hungary has shown.

Support Energy

Handing over our future to foreign countries is naïve, and short-sighted. Many things have been done to the West over the decades that have degraded our status as a country. The latest push was to hand it over to other people. That was met with resistance and now the only answer is to fight in full. It is time to wake up and realize the system of the future that was sold out from underneath you by elites for decades is ending. The concept and oversimplification of one global solution is fruitless. It is time for people to focus on rebuilding. I am talking about taking effective measures as opposed to just virtue signalling.

People are surprised when they see the consumption of energy as stated above. This data is in direct conflict to the narrative the mainstream would have one believe.: that we are much further ahead in battery, new energy, and clean energy. There is a great deal of work that needs to be done and although many of the same main characters that toke advantage of the climate change narrative gained with the green initiative as Michael Moore points out but that does not mean there are not real companies pushing us forward towards the future we all want to see. That process of pushing comes from the West and the innovation we create. That future currently depends on oil and gas. That coal component above is mainly in India and China.

Canada is blessed to be a resource-based country and it is time to support oil and gas again although with limits. Why do we allow India, China, and Saudi Arabia to prosper using coal and energy at increasing rates far greater than Canada, while we import energy from Saudi Arabia?

Enough of this absurd charade.

Canada imported 9 billion from Saudi Arabia, while provinces like Quebec have taken in 56 billion in money from Alberta over the past 20 years. Alberta had to pay that province and now there is no use.

Everyone knows I am for battery energy metals because this is where technology is headed, and this is the future I want to see. However, we are not even remotely close to this. It will be in my lifetime, but it will not be in 10 years. We need to let oil and gas pick up and recover and then drill and mine for battery minerals. I agree there was arrogance in the turn of the century. I lived in Calgary and the loss of money was astounding. I am critical of what happened. And I am clear about the environmental impact. But Norway still drills for oil and gas – just offshore or out of sight which seems to matter to most.

The energy market is Oil and Gas and it is not going anywhere. The notion that it is going away anytime soon is not only silly but also has no empirical basis. Oil and gas still account for 75% of our energy.

We live in challenging times and democracy means media and who can influence. Most people hate facts, data, statistics and prefer narratives. Remember true gold fears no fire.

Andrew O’Donnell
MD – Supercharged Stocks



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