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The Course: Understanding The Junior Markets

A three-step plan to hone your critical thinking, strategically select investments, and actively engage in suitable markets.

In this program, we’ll discuss how to respond to current market conditions while
remaining agile, strategic, and reasonable, so that you’ll not only survive,
but thrive in these uncertain times.


At The Market Mindset, we’re dedicated to providing market insights and analysis based on best practices that have been honed over many years.  These insights are aimed at positioning investors ahead of major market moves so that they’re able to capitalize on exciting opportunities at the outset.

We believe that the commodities sector is about to begin its cycle of growth, particularly within mining, and we want to equip you with the tools you need to participate in this growth and enjoy solid returns.
Every technological advancement that we witness today has its roots in mining and as the world transitions to clean, green tech solutions, there’s a huge opportunity here for investors if you know where to look.

 Consider us your hub for whispers, chatter, news and results that will empower you with the perspective required to make sound investment decisions.

Maximizing opportunity through informed investing

We’re facing monumental changes, and many people have been so distracted by facemasks that they do not see these changes happening right before them. This is where I come in. I help investors navigate these changes while empowering real companies to tell their stories to a critical audience looking for exceptional gains.

These are not passive people. These are people who understand that achieving exceptional gains takes work. Informed investing, rather than passive investing, is what leads to solid returns. You must be driven by the market to open the possibility of securing wealth.

Never in history has there been a more exciting opportunity for the average person to change their life. What I hope to show you in The Market, The Model, and The Mindset program is that a world of opportunity exists for small cap investors within the junior market. Opportunities that you may not have access to with the big board or tech billion- and trillion-dollar funds.

The downlow on
data mining 

The most important factor in determining a stock’s potential for growth is accessing accurate information and standardizing this information in a step-by-step procedure or model. The usefulness of your model will be determined by the quality of questions being asked and the quality of answers you receive.

In the following section, we’ll take a look at how to build this model. It won’t be exhaustive, but it will provide some of the basic building blocks – nothing fancy.

The good news is that creating a model is remarkably simple. Not necessarily easy, but simple – particularly when it comes to the junior TSX or Canadian Stock Market. 

My approach doesn’t involve algorithms or chart analysis. Many investors participate in extensive data mining which refers to the process of researching large amounts of historical data to find repeatable price action patterns in financial markets.


The Market, Model, and Mindset program is a three-step plan that will equip you with the tools and critical thinking skills to strategically choose your investment opportunities, and actively invest in markets that are right for you. Upon completing this course, you’ll be able to apply a proven procedure for wading through the noise, asking the right questions and distilling information to uncover the next big opportunity.