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Market Mindset Monthly Webinar: Insights with Andrew O'Donnell

Join Andrew O’Donnell, a seasoned expert with two decades in the financial realm, for a monthly deep dive. With roles at heavyweights like Merrill Lynch, RBC, and an offshore partnership with Willis Canada, Andrew brings unmatched insights to the table.

Every month, subscribers are invited to an exclusive live webinar. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Curated financial insights, sifted from the vast online realm.
  • Direct connections with industry magnates – a depth AI can’t match.
  • Uncover private placements and untapped market value.
  • Engaging interviews with CEOs and fund managers.
  • Exclusive access to our research, opinions, and investment sneak peeks.

Stand on the shoulders of financial history while charting the future with Andrew. Dive into market nuances and arm yourself with invaluable knowledge. Subscribe now for a front-row seat to finance’s evolving landscape.

Upcoming Webinar : October 1, 2023


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With 20+ years in finance, Andrew O’Donnell founded The Market Mindset, connecting investors and firms. He led an insurance company in Barbados, partnered with Willis Canada, and had roles at Merrill Lynch and RBC. Andrew is recognized for innovative market solutions and transparency.


  • blog posts, articles and full access to reports
  • synopsis of insights from major investment banks and funds
  • cheat sheet guide to major issuers
  • message board for themes and discussion zoom calls
  • unlock access to one on one zoom calls
    with Andrew O’Donnell
  • discounted rates on our courses

…and of course, what everyone wants to know; what we are buying and selling that month!


Experience premium access for just $1! Dive in for your first month, and continue the journey at only $29.99/month thereafter