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Uranium’s Rise: Inside the Nuclear Revival with Troy Boisjoli, CEO of ATHA Energy Corp.


Dive into the future of nuclear energy with Andrew O’Donnell interview Troy Boisjoli, a veteran in the uranium mining sector. Discover the pivotal role uranium plays in powering the next generation of nuclear energy and the exciting prospects for investors amidst a supply-demand surge. Learn about Athabasca Energy’s innovative strategies, their commitment to sustainable mining, and how they’re positioning themselves at the forefront of the nuclear renaissance. This discussion sheds light on the uranium market’s dynamics, highlighting key opportunities in the green energy transition. Don’t miss these invaluable insights into securing a cleaner, more sustainable future with nuclear power.

Mr. Boisjoli brings extensive experience in developing uranium assets both internationally and in the Athabasca Basin. Mr. Boisjoli’s experience within the Athabasca Basin most notably includes his role as Vice President Operations and Project Development as well as Vice President Exploration and Community for NexGen Energy Ltd., where he led a team through the development of the Arrow Deposit – considered to be the largest, high-grade uranium development project in the world. Prior to joining NexGen Energy in 2016, Mr. Boisjoli worked as an exploration geologist for Cameco Corporation on projects throughout northern Saskatchewan and Australia. In Saskatchewan, Mr. Boisjoli served as the Chief Geologist at the underground Eagle Point uranium mine, where his team increased the mineral resources threefold, while reducing drilling and discovery costs.

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