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Revealing the Powerhouse Behind AI: How Alset Capital’s Strategic Moves Are Reshaping Canadian Tech


In this interview, we delve into the transformative journey of Alpha Capital, a pivotal player in the Canadian tech landscape, known for empowering local companies with essential NVIDIA H1 chips. Join us as we chat with Hunter Scharf, a key figure at Alset Capital, who shares an in-depth perspective on the company’s strategic investments in AI infrastructure. From leveraging cloud computing power to orchestrating lucrative deals, discover how Alpha Capital is not just fueling growth but also positioning itself as a vertical AI infrastructure. Whether you’re interested in tech innovations or investment opportunities, this discussion sheds light on the critical role of cutting-edge technology in driving business success and the vast potential of the AI market. Tune in to uncover the behind-the-scenes actions that are setting Alset Capital apart in the high-stakes world of technology and investment.

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