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Ian Grant (Chief Operating Officer) of Progressive Planet Solutions and Doug Brown (Co-Founder & CTO) of ZS2 Technologies catch up about their recent strategic partnership. TSX-V: PLAN Progressive Planet is an emerging technology company providing innovative circular solutions and earth-friendly micronized minerals that naturally unlock sustainability benefits across the construction, agriculture, and industrial sectors. Progressive Planet’s novel PozGlassTM can be used as a supplementary cementing alternative, replacing significant levels of fly ash and Portland cement. Incorporating PozGlass and its post-consumer waste glass formula as a Portland Cement replacement helps the environment by reducing CO2 emissions as well as the amount of waste glass disposed of in landfills. When micronized, post-consumer glass becomes one of the natural pozzolans that improves and enhances concrete’s mechanical and durability properties. ZS2 Technologies We are tenacious problem-solvers with a dissatisfaction with the status quo. So we develop and manufacture advanced building technologies including fire-resistant, non-toxic, anti-microbial and mould resistant, low-carbon, cementitious building materials and prefabricated panels. THE MARKET MINDSET Our goal is to help you feel comfortable stepping into the stock market and are giving you free hot tips every day!

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