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In the world of mining exploration the mantra is clear: invest in people and their ability to deliver on promises. Especially in the cyclical nature of markets, success hinges on strong leadership and decision-making along with management’s knack for meeting milestones. This is why it is important to look at the Board and Management and see how they have performed.

The Chairman of Regency SIlver, Bruce Bragagnolo,has an impressive record as the co-founder and former CEO of Timmins Gold Corp. and Silvermex Resources Ltd. Bragagnolo, a seasoned veteran in the industry, known for taking Timmins Gold from an IPO market cap of $7 million to $475 million in 2012, along with securing a prestigious spot on the NYSE-Amex. Mr. Bragagnolo took Silvermex Resources through its IPO in 2006 and the purchase of its initial assets in Mexico. Mr. Bragagnolo took the market cap of Silvermex from an IPO market cap of C$7 million to its sale to FirstMajestic for C$175 million. He was a director of Continuum Resources Ltd. when it acquired the San Jose Mine in Oaxaca, Mexico. Continuum Resources Ltd. merged with Fortuna Silver in 2004 and the San Jose Mine is now its flagship asset with 2022 production of 5.76 million ounces of silver and 34,000 ounces of gold.

While past success is not a guarantee that this will happen again, good people with strong success seem to have a recipe. Through some of the interviews I have had with Bruce Bragagnolo he seems to think so much of the recipe is coming together:

Consistently drilling into a mineralized zone as thick as an 18-story building builds our confidence that we can extend the high-grade core along strike with strong potential for continued high grade zones up-dip 400m toward the historic silver mine.” Bruce Bragnolo Nov.2, news release

Exploration Excellence

There are two other ingredients that are required to make a project inspiring and that is the selection of projects and securing the right backing, both are critical elements that contribute to a venture’s success. Regency Silver Corp. (RSMXF), a Canadian entity active in Sonora, Mexico, has positioned itself as a front-runner in this quest. Specializing in the mining of gold, silver, and copper, Regency Silver has strategically targeted and have had strong success from the maiden drill hole to the latest:

“…that hole REG-23-21 intersects 54.65m of 5.34 g/t gold including 7.36 g/t over 38m in a ~65m step-out along strike to the southeast from the discovery hole REG-22-01 which returned (35.8m of 6.84 g/t gold, 0.88% copper and 21.82 g/t silver) and ~75m step-out from REG-23-14 (35.9m of 5.51 g/t Au including 29.4m of 6.32 g/t Au).”

The discovery at Dios Padre, particularly in hole REG-23-21, marks a significant milestone in the company’s narrative. This find, which includes 54.65 meters of gold mineralization with high gold grades, is not part of a broader pattern of consistent and high-quality mineral discoveries.Such breakthroughs are not mere instances of luck but the result of a meticulous and forward-thinking exploration strategy.

Regency Silver’s 2023 drill campaign at Dios Padre, encompassing 10 holes over a stretch of 6,105.25 meters, has successfully identified promising targets and hit on their first hole.

The company’s recent explorations have revealed a strong presence of gold but also copper and silver despite the name Regency Silver.. This diversification is a strategic move to mitigate risks and maximize opportunities. The summer 2022 drilling program, aimed at exploring a large IP anomaly north of the historic mine, exemplifies the company’s bold and proactive approach. This has led to an expanded drilling program for 2023, signaling a commitment to fully unlocking the potential of the property.

The Dios Padre property’s geological diversity, with its mix of andesite, rhyolite, and basalt, hints at a variety of potential mineral deposits. This rich geological tapestry is not just an asset but a treasure trove awaiting full exploration, which is yet another feather in the cap.

Good Neighbors

Not only is there infrastructure, highly skilled work force and power supply close it is highlighted by the fact Regency Silver has four well known mining neighbors:

Outside of the resource area, Hole REG -22 -01 intersected 35.8 meters of 6.84 g/t gold, 0.88% copper and 21.82 g/t silver. Hole REG 23 -21 intersected 38m of 7.36 g/t gold, Hole REG -23 -14 intersected 29.4m of 6.32 g/t Au and REG -23 -15, intersected 32.5m of 2.23 g/t Au

The latest drill results did not receive the attention it deserves. These are tough markets, and we don’t blame anyone but looking at value, even during challenging market conditions is the hallmark of a good strategist. The company went 500 meters north of the historics workings the team fund a prominent IP anomaly and that was the results from November, 2, 2023:

Hole REG-23-21 intersects 54.65m of 5.34 g/t gold including 7.36 g/t over 38m in a ~65m step-out along strike to the southeast from the discovery hole REG-22-01 which returned (35.8m of 6.84 g/t gold, 0.88% copper and 21.82 g/t silver) and ~75m step-out from REG-23-14 (35.9m of 5.51 g/t Au including 29.4m of 6.32 g/t Au).

Michael Tucker, lead geologist and director states, “The continued ability of the lower breccia zone to produce highly elevated gold grades over significant widths is very compelling. The system has proven the ability to generate spectacular grades and thicknesses. The indications of a large magmatic-hydrothermal system are present, and we are excited to continue expanding on these exceptional results as they clearly demonstrate there is a big system to be explored.”

The junior Canadian mining sector is getting hit by a number of factors but more and more people are realizing the critical importance of mining. Now more than ever finding the projects that have the right results, projects, region and team is crucial. There are a number of companies down on great news, and this is a standout.

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