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Andrew O’Donnell is joined in studio by President and Director of Desert Mountain Energy, Don Mosher. DME DISCOVERED SIGNIFICANT PERCENTAGES OF HELIUM IN THE FIRST FOUR WELLS State 10-1 : Flow Rate 24,214 MCFGPD @ 7.13 % Helium State 16-1 : Flow Rate 1,251.2 MCFGPD @ 4.0904% Helium NEWS DESERT MOUNTAIN ENERGY APPOINTS MARTA HODAN WASKO AS VICE PRESIDENT OF GEOLOGY June 1, 2022 The Company is pleased to announce that it has added Marta Hodan Wasko as VP of Geology. Marta is a petroleum geologist with a focus on sedimentology and stratigraphy with multiple years of experience in exploration, development, reservoir characterization, and wastewater injection. THE MARKET MINDSET Our goal is to help you feel comfortable stepping into the stock market and are giving you free hot tips every day!

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