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In Canada investing in stocks has never been easier because the process is now very accessible, and investing is now more affordable than ever before. Getting started can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the stock market, but a little bit of research will help you make wise decisions, and the right information will make the process less challenging.

It’s natural not to know where to invest your money because when you’re new to the stock market, the options can be very confusing. The main reason people invest in stocks is to make more money and earn an additional income, and this can be done through three primary means, including capital gains from speculation, compounding returns, and dividends. While technology has made stocks more attainable, the number of investment options that are available can make the process seem very intimidating, so you need to have a plan. This will help you on your journey and will allow you to invest successfully.

You need to first determine your goals and must assess your financial resources. Figure out why you are investing in stocks because this answer will help you figure out how much to invest and will clarify your risk tolerance. Once you have this information, you must then learn as much as you can about investing because education will help you succeed. Learn about the patterns and trends in the market, the different terminology used when executing trades, and the different securities that can be traded. This type of education will prepare you to trade on your own and will provide you with a better understanding of the process, so you will feel more confident with your investments.

Once you feel comfortable with your level of knowledge and feel as though you understand all of the fundamentals involved, you can then go ahead and open a self-directed account with an online brokerage so that you can start investing. You will be able to create your portfolio by selecting the securities you would like to trade, and the online broker platform will allow you to buy and sell these securities. As the investor, you will be able to make all of the decisions regarding what you would like to buy and sell and what’s great about this option is that online brokers generally do not charge a management fee because the fees are charged on a per-trade commission basis instead.

Turning to a financial advisor is a great idea because their knowledge and expertise will help you create the right plan. Your advisor will assess your situation and will determine your risk tolerance and your investment goals so that they can build you the perfect plan. Our approach at Supercharged Stocks looks past the noise and theater of modern-day investing. It can be easy to get caught up in the hype and buzz of the mainstream market media, but great value can be found when ignoring the bright lights and looking deeper to find incredible growth opportunities. We focus on finding real value in companies that meet current global needs and are led by brilliant management teams with a proven track record.

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