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Part TWO of the interview with Adrian Nixon, Editor-in-Chief of Nixene Publishing. twitter: @NixeneP @adriannixon

NIXENE PUBLISHING “Global leader for unbiased analysis and scientific information, providing Clarity from Complexity™ of graphene and other 2D materials.”

Adrian Nixon began his career as a scientist and is a Chartered Chemist and Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. He has over 20 years experience in industry working at Allied Colloids plc, an international chemicals company (now part of BASF).

Adrian worked in Technical Service then R&D where he created several patents. He was promoted to global market information management after an MBA at the University of Bradford (UK) then changed career to work for Cap Gemini one of the leading global consulting companies.

In 2002, Adrian established Nixor Ltd. which works with international clients to create clarity from complexity. He specialised in strategic facilitation, helping top management plan and prepare for the future. In 2014, he changed the focus of this company to specialise in the technology and business aspects of graphene.

Since then, he has returned to his first passion of science and is now focused on the world of graphene and other 2D materials. Adrian responsible for the content of the Nixene Journal, the premier graphene industry publication for global subscribers, mainly in Europe and the USA. The Nixene publications provide clarity and insight into the fast moving world of graphene and 2D materials.

Adrian is typically found at the GEIC in Manchester on Thursdays. He is well-known within the global graphene community and sought after for his educational, informative and entertaining presentations. Despite actively avoiding the superhero moniker coined by his team, he can be found by searching the hashtag Captain Graphene.

People who know Adrian well describe him as a friendly and professional team player with a talent for extracting and communicating the essential clarity from a given situation.

He is married and when not working can be found walking in the Yorkshire Dales and elsewhere. His main hobby is photography and he is a licentiate member of the Royal Photographic Society.

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