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As the world pivots toward sustainable technology, many governments and businesses fail to secure the materials to power this clean future. With electric vehicle and eco-friendly technology demand growing, manufacturers have no choice but to build lasting relationships with firms that secure the resources they require. Known as Vertical Integration, this process bolsters the importance of the mines containing the battery metals powering fleets of electric vehicles. Platinum Metals are among the most important minerals needed to power this green future. Semiconductors are needed to power an increasingly digital future. However, manufacturers in Taiwan and South Korea aren’t the only firms set to benefit from a global shortage. The components needed to create semiconductors and other clean energy technologies are equally important – and just as scarce. Our sites in Canada, Norway, and Sweden will help satisfy this growing demand.

ELLIS MARTIN, CEO & President The Ellis Martin Report

Ellis is a broadcast journalist, marketing consultant and serial entrepreneur with a career spanning four decades with a focus on the natural resources and biotechnology sectors. Martin created The Ellis Martin Report in 1999 as a successful terrestrial radio resource for small and mid-cap public companies seeking to vastly expand shareholder awareness. The Ellis Martin Report airs globally through radio and podcast format to an audience of over 5 million potential investors.


Mr. Edelen has 14 years of economic mineral exploration and research experience. He has expertise in generative exploration and project development with both foreign and domestic (US) major mining companies and junior exploration groups. Mr. Edelen specializes in gold deposit exploration, target generation, and development in varied terrains worldwide and across multiple styles of individual deposits. Mr. Edelen holds undergraduate degrees in Spanish Language and Physical Geology from the University of Idaho (2005), and a Master’s degree in Economic Geology from the Colorado School of Mines (2012).


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