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Supercharged Stocks launches new website and subscription service.

This is my first free edition of my newsletter that highlights news, stocks, commodities and stories while preparing for the month ahead. As with the first issue of anything let us examine what the mission, goal, expectations and opportunities are with the site and publication. For more regular updates and my trading picks, join AHEAD OF THE CURVE.

Many people say they want input and feedback to build community, quite frankly that language is tiring, overused and makes sensible people recoil. I do want a place that challenges me and others respectfully. I purposely intend to push people when I present, not simply to be remembered, but to make people engage. If you have a belief on any subject matter you should feel strong enough to research it, have evidence for the belief and feel strongly enough defend it.

Many times, we will find that these beliefs, whether in investing, trading, culture or education, come from strange sources if we are honest. Many times, we find ourselves finding our source is the media, a movie or a teacher who is simply following a state sponsored teaching curriculum.
Asking why some one is telling us information is just as reading it in the first place.


I want to encourage thought and to encourage responses on both the content, companies and ideas I explore. This is meant to fire people up. The goal is not to change people’s minds but simply have people question why they think the way they do: who told them that Amazon pays tax? Who told them that the wealthy are job creators? Who told them that there is such a thing as the ‘human race’, or that we are entitled to certain things at birth? These are all just ideas you have to be convinced on and those belief’s specifically effect markets.

This is much more than a service to help people identify exceptional growth opportunities in the market. The goal is to help people think critically about information. I do not pretend to know all the information and am not afraid of being wrong. I am interested in what is natural and true – there is no need for being right in that framework. Truth requires no consensus or personal thoughts; it simply is.

Mission: Positioning people in ‘ahead of the curve’ in the mining sector boom.

Identifying exceptional growth possibilities (speculative investing)

Highlighting aggressive growth but ‘de-risked’ mining producers.

Give away most of the data, research, the how I look and where away for free.

We have entered an extreme ‘kicking off point’ in history. A chaotic time when once high trust countries no longer believe their media, the corporations ruling them, the politicians or the scientists. My goal is to build some trust by being transparent with how I work, how I get information, how I choose the stocks that I like and present all the information for you to decide. It is never just because I have had some great success in the past. I position myself with great minds and thinkers, living and dead.


The West turned upside down: The 7 Virtues have been discarded for the 7 Deadly sins. The markets make no sense – negative yielding debt, mass consumption, the fragility of the interconnectedness of the world.
Expose Myths. …The best of times and the worst of times.

Critical Thinking. NOT critical theory! I will never tell you what to buy or when to sell. Never. I will tell you what I am buying and why Expanding into new sectors!

All well conceived projects need a thesis, whether in business or science we must start with a thesis to prove or disprove. Either result provides information/data that can be built upon. This is not an easy task, but it is my intention. We all have bias, it is a biological code imprinted upon us as evolutionary biologist tell us. We all should use discernment despite the narrative of the media today but being upfront with my model, my goals, my motivations will help people to understand why I am fascinated in markets.

Even the best minds are forced to promote work by universities, non-profit groups, political action groups and pharmaceutical companies to ensure funding. Understanding the motives of anyone today is at a crucial and pivotal all time low.

I am certainly not promising I am above any of that as we all have biases, particularly confirmation bias, but I do my best to not . What makes this approach a bit easier is the fact that I do not believe there is a right way for everyone, nor do I ever wish to impose my ideas on others. I stand firm on my convictions and never fear being wrong. If I am wrong and still made a good formulation with the information, I had then it is not failure. This is not only about making money – it is much more.

The purpose of this site is to encourage people to take responsibility for a portion of their assets. To invest in the development of technology, human wellness, infrastructure, and the electrification of the future. It is to encourage people to use their hard-earned dollars to invest in the growth of their community knowing that not all of these will be winners. Part of being a recourses-based country is the grit and resilience of wildcatting or exploring for wealth, hidden treasure buried under rock, stone and millions of years of pressure.

The Model, The Market and the The Mindset

I am currently working on a 6-part module series for people that walk them through this junior market that is ready to take off. The goal is to provide a straightforward and detailed approach to investing in the Canadian junior market.

I will be releasing the first module soon and will be hosting a live stream call to go over in detail all the concepts covered. I want to make sure I get all the information you want in the modules. We will cover everything from basic terminology, the junior markets brief history, the model I use to evaluate companies, what a lifestyle company is and a boiler room broker, some basic geology, politics, critical thinking with a touch on the mindset needed for being a speculator. It is critical and important because right now we stand at a moment when intergenerational wealth can be made.

The Roaring 20’s (my presentation)
2020 came roaring in gold climbing, and stocks climbing. It is my thesis that we are going to see the Roaring 20’s and Great Depression all rolled into one in a short time frame. How can that be? That is inconceivable that cannot make sense…well negative interest rates do not work in financial modeling, so we are in good company. Fundamentally things could not look worse as far as the bond, stock and housing bubbles in many parts of the world.

This is diametrically opposed to what most media or the stock market performance will tell you but things like GDP, the stock market and other indicators have almost nothing to do with your day to day life. Most of that wealth is focused on the 1% and most ‘investors’ today which is small are in managed products. They are not investing themselves. They are being told to take less responsibility for themselves and to have some one else manage their future, their life for them. I have no issue with managed product, and everyone should have exposure to them, it should make up a decent portion of ones portfolio – that is simply commons sense portfolio management that every sensible broker or fund manager would recommend.

My issue is that you will not create wealth by doing what everyone else is doing. You do not make gains by diversifying your portfolio. You spread out risk in the hopes of making above market gains over a long period of time. That is not what Supercharged Stocks is interested in. We leave that to all the exceptionally well qualified and trained portfolio managers.

We are interested in speculation in the 22 baggers! We are looking for the shot at intergenerational wealth. It is the imagery of stepping up to the plate and swinging for the fences. If we do not do our homework, put a lot of time in then that chance is squandered. We identify stocks that have set themselves up in ‘ahead of the curve’ to have incredible results. It is high risk, high reward.

Remember the media is strictly there to sell you things, including ideas. It has always been this way in some form and no it is not some mysterious group of people having secret meetings on a Saturday night. Companies higher culture and enforce it within. It is no different in law firms, investment banks or media companies. There was a reason why writers complained about selling their work to Hollywood in the past – they would manipulate and change the meaning and promote their ideas. That is not much of an issue with todays movies being mostly marvel or poorly written remakes of old movies to promote the media’s ideologies.

I digress, but over time we will explore all these ideas because they all matter to investing. If the news, music, movies and messages being promoted in your ‘culture’ are false, not based on science, data, history or are distorted, how do you expect markets to react.

Media It is not there to keep you informed. The level of propaganda has hit new levels not seen since Edward Bernays unleashed his techniques on for lack of a better term mind control. It has always been this way it is just so obvious and prolific today that rational minds are having a difficult time realizing some fundamentally obvious truth within the natural world.

At the VRIC conference in Vancouver there was a full audience and wanted to touch on a number of ideas around fragile interconnected markets, negative interest rates, bond bubbles and the difficulty in discerning data today.


Great Bear – GBR
Amex Resources – AMX
Tudor – TUD
Exro – EXR

We have done exceptionally well with these stocks in the past 12 months. There are many others that I feel could be bought this year, have trading potential and ones that could have explosive growth but to see what I own you must be a paid subscriber. I will never tell you what to buy but I will show you what I am buying.


The goal is to have constant updates about important news in the market. The site is expanding and covering a couple more sectors of key importance and relevance and we are looking for help. Lots of new relationships and partnerships are building but we are looking for hardworking analytical and creative people to build out this expanding platform.