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In one of my recent Stock Talks, I covered a company that I’m really excited about – Graphene Manufacturing Group, (TSXV: GMG). I’m not only excited about this company, I’m energized about graphene in general.

Why? Graphene is one of the strongest, thinnest materials known to man. It is 200 times stronger than steel and 1 million times thinner than a human hair! It’s also an extraordinary heat and electricity conductor – in fact, it’s the world’s most conductive material, outperforming copper and other metals.

With such incredible properties, graphene is predicted to be the material that will change the world. It has the potential to create batteries so small, they could be sewn into your clothes. Batteries so powerful, they could charge your phone in seconds, or an electric car in minutes. Scientists believe it could even transform seawater into drinking water!

Though full of exciting possibilities, graphene is currently expensive to extract from graphite in large quantities. This is where GMG comes in with a revolutionary approach to graphene production.


GMG – a market disruptor with a very bright future

GMG is an Australian-based, clean-tech company focused on proprietary energy saving and storage solutions that will power our green and clean future. Their main objective is to provide an alternative to unsustainable manufacturing processes by producing graphene in bulk.

The company started trading on the Canadian TSXV in April of this year, following the closing of a qualifying transaction with Cuspis Capital Ltd. They also secured a private placement of C$2 million, solidifying a sound financial position with more than C$4.5 million in cash to fuel product innovation and development.

In the same month, GMG announced a number of key agreements to increase its investor relations outreach across Canada. To name a few, these included an agreement with Focus Communications Investor Relations Inc., an issuer trading services agreement with Generation IACP Inc., a marketing agreement with Hybrid Financial Ltd., and consulting agreements with Brian Gusko Advisory Services Inc., as well as my own Supercharged Stocks Ltd. – this is how much I believe in this company!

What makes GMG such a standout opportunity? Just a few short years ago, the company developed a proprietary process to produce GMG graphene from natural gas rather than from mining graphite, for use in a range of global-scale clean tech apps. This is a highly scalable process that produces a superior quality product at a lower cost with few to no contaminants.

The company’s innovation is overseen by a team of high-performing executives, each with decades of experience in one of the world’s largest energy companies. This includes Founder & CEO Craig Nicol who is also Chair of the Australian Graphene Industry Association (AGIA).

The team continues to grow and is currently engaging with large global manufacturers looking to embrace graphene to improve and enhance their products. In working with these manufacturers, GMG continuously refines the production process and customizes their solutions to meet the needs of each customer’s unique applications.


A futuristic approach to energy savings

As energy consumption continues to climb, there is a push to find alternative solutions to meet growing demand while reducing our carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. GMG is leading the way in this space, developing disruptive, value-added products that target massive energy efficiency and energy storage markets.

When it comes to energy savings, GMG focuses on graphene-enhanced heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) coatings, lubricants, and fluids. The company’s product lineup includes THERMAL-XR® which leverages GMG Graphene to improve the conductivity of corroded heat exchange surfaces by coating and protecting damaged areas, rebuilding corroded thermal conductivity, and increasing heat transfer. The result is up to 50% in energy cost savings, reduced emissions, increased profitability, and asset longevity.

GMG’s ™ LUBRICANT is a mix of GMG Graphene and lubricating oil that can be added to fully formulated lubricant or customized as an additive for any number of fluids. It forms a protective layer between metal interfaces to reduce friction, resulting in energy savings up to 12%. Wear preventative test results indicated wear reduction up to 10% and extreme pressure tests showed a reduction in wear up to 20%.  

The ™ COOLANT solution is a concentrate of GMG Graphene and glycol-based heat transfer coolant that dissipates operation engine heat, reducing heat stress while increasing thermal conductivity and heat diffusivity. This results in energy savings, lowered emissions, reduced maintenance, and longer asset life.

GMG’s THERMAL-XR® solution provides energy cost savings up to 50%, while reducing emissions and improving asset longevity.

Next-generation battery technology

GMG has been fast at work building the batteries of the future. The company’s  ™ ALUMINIUM-ION BATTERIES offer superior energy and power densities over their lithium-ion counterparts while eliminating risks such as overheating and performance degradation. The result is a battery life that is 3x longer, and the ability to charge up to 70x faster. In addition to super capacity and functionality, this next-generation battery is more sustainable to produce as it doesn’t require lithium or copper, only graphene and aluminium – one of the world’s most recycled products.

GMG is currently working closely with the University of Queensland and the Australian Government on research and development to explore the use of these next-generation batteries. As part of this collaboration, the company is manufacturing commercial battery prototypes for watches, phones, laptops, electric vehicles and grid storage.

Coin cell battery prototypes will be available for customer testing in Q4 of 2021 and pouch pack battery prototypes will be available in roughly 18 months. GMG also signed a license agreement with Uniquest, the University’s commercialization company, which will provide an exclusive license for battery cathode technology.

In a recent press release, the company announced some very positive initial performance results related to the development of graphene-based coin cell battery prototypes:

Source: 1. Hongjie Dai, Nat. Commun., 2017, 8:14283 2. Hongjie Dai, Nature, 2015, 520, 325, and 3. University of Queensland testing data..

The experiments were performed by the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology at the University of Queensland. GMG’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Ashok Nanjundan explained: “The real differentiator with these batteries is an extremely high voltage of up to 7,000 watts/kg which endows them with a super fast charge rate. Furthermore, graphene aluminium-ion batteries provide major benefits in terms of longer battery life – over 2,000 charge / discharge cycles were tested so far with no deterioration in performance. Other benefits include improved battery safety and lower environmental impact.”

ALUMINIUM-ION BATTERIES offer a battery life that is 3x longer and the ability to charge up to 70x faster, with no lithium or copper required.

In a recent interview, GMG Founder & CEO Craig Nicol remarked: “This is the battery technology that the world has been waiting for – it’s high-performing, easy and low cost to manufacture, and is based on graphene and aluminium only – no lithium or copper.  It has no temperature issues and can recharge at incredible speeds. We already have a number of interested parties and we expect this interest to grow rapidly as the word gets out.”

When the customer validation process is complete, GMG plans to construct a graphene and coin cell battery production facility in Queensland. You will not want to miss these exciting developments – to keep up to date on GMG’s next-generation graphene solutions, visit:

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Securities Disclosure: I, Andrew O’Donnell own shares to this company and have been paid for this article.

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