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Digging Deeper with Andrew O’Donnell Featuring Simon Dyakowski, President and CEO of Aztec Minerals


Join us on this week’s episode of “Digging Deeper” as host Andrew O’Donnell uncovers the exciting developments at Aztec Minerals. We’re sitting down with Simon Dyakowski, President and CEO of Aztec, to explore their two pioneering projects in North America.

First up is the Cervantes project in Sonora, Mexico, where Aztec is making strides in the gold-copper porphyry sector. We’ll delve into the latest findings and what makes this site a hotspot for mineral exploration. Next, we shift our focus to the Tombstone project in southern Arizona, a promising Gold-Silver venture with potential high-grade CRD silver-lead-zinc discoveries.

With Aztec’s shares actively trading on the TSX-V under the symbol AZT and on the OTCQB as AZZTF, we’ll also discuss the company’s market performance and strategic plans moving forward.

Tune in to “Digging Deeper” for an in-depth look at these emerging discoveries that are shaping the future of mineral exploration.

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