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Andreis w O’Donnell is joined by Rabbi Yechzkel Moskowitz for this 4 part series on deep tech innovation and energy solutions. SYNERGOS HOLDINGS Dedicated to deep-tech innovation in engineering and science from conceptualization to commercialization Set on the strategic mission of strengthening a societal conscious capitalism. Synergos is focused on leveraging its investments in stakeholders conscious innovation and ideas leading an era of prosperity for all humanity. Rabbi Yechezkel Moskowitz Founder Based in Long Island, New York, Yechezkel is a third-generation, high risk and deep-tech venture capital entrepreneur, following in the footsteps of his grandfather, the late Dr. Irving Moskowitz. Beginning his entrepreneurship and activism sojourn in 1953, Dr. Moskowitz built a real estate and gambling empire across the west coast and the greater United States. Yechezkel has experience in high risk capital investments and has successfully completed several high risk investments that have succeeded in exceeding investors expectations. In tandem, Yechezkel has served as the special assistant to Cherna Moskowitz, President of the Irving Moskowitz Foundation. The foundation has donated over 250 million to nonprofit organizations over the last ten years. The foundation is focused on medical and other relief efforts for victims of natural disasters, war, and terrorism; as well as funding solutions for debilitating disorders and deadly diseases. Yechezkel manages the Moskowitz Family political investment portfolio and also serves as an adviser to prominent elected officials on international policy as well as serving on the boards of several think tanks and nonprofits. Yechezkel has three rabbinic ordinations and a master’s degree in administration from the University of Scranton. As part of his commitment to the greater American society, Yechezkel serves as the president of The Jewish Heritage Preservation Society, a nonprofit that promotes Americanism and Zionism. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy in Washington, DC. THE MARKET MINDSET Our goal is to help you feel comfortable stepping into the stock market and are giving you free hot tips every day! TWITTER Join us on twitter to get our DAILY live video market updates @chargingstocks FACEBOOK

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