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ACME Lithium Inc. (CNSX: ACME)

One of the world’s lightest metals is playing one of the largest roles in our green and clean future. As we watch the electrification of our future unfold, demand for lithium is predicted to increase seven times over the next 10 years, reaching a total global demand of 1.79 million metric tons. Growing demand for battery storage, electric buses, cars, and trains coupled with the need to power our everyday devices including our phones and our computers all requires a constant and reliable source of lithium. 

Supply chain and logistic issues are key considerations in this carbon-conscious world. What cost is incurred when shipping lithium from Peru to China? Bunker fuel is particularly hard on the environment, so even if you’re shipping a green material by outdated means, you’re not taking a low-carbon approach.

We all know about lithium because of Tesla – we look at Tesla’s incredible innovation and use it as the mainstay or yardstick to judge other companies. Most people know that lithium is a key component of the batteries that run EVs, but many are not aware of the other products that require lithium.

The only current lithium production in the United States comes from a brine operation in Nevada, while two companies produce a wide range of downstream lithium compounds in the country.

Without a doubt, the battery story paves the way to our cleaner, greener future. One where we will rely on reusable energy, create less pollution, and reconsider our relationship with the environment.

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Lithium is found in brines, pools, hard rock, and clay, and can be mined in many ways. The U.S. Geological Society has recognized lithium as a critical metal to reach ambitious climate change and carbon neutrality goals. 

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We’re in the midst of a massive transformation that requires an enormous amount of minerals and materials. ACME is uniquely positioned to be a critical player in this future, providing the foundation to deliver lithium to a hungry market. Their project is close to being one of two producing lithium mines in the U.S. and although this doesn’t provide a guarantee, it looks promising.

ACME has the right resource, project, jurisdiction, and team to deliver, and they’ve laid out a roadmap to make this happen.

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Drill Ready

ACME has prioritized two drill locations on the Clayton Valley Project.


The company holds 100% interest under an option agreement comprising 64 mining claims across 1,280 acres and 58 claims across 1,160 acres in Clayton Valley, Esmeralda County, Nevada. ACME also owns 100% interest in 144 lode mining claims across 2,921 acres in neighbouring Fish Lake Valley which is also located in lithium-rich Esmeralda County, Nevada. 


Clayton Valley is historically known as the centre of Nevada lithium production, containing brines within Tertiary age sediments in the basin. A nearby mine in Clayton Valley has produced lithium minerals from brines continuously since 1966, demonstrating great promise for the future and our project claims. We’re in the right place to power the energy revolution in a growing market that is set to dominate in coming years.

A key highlight is the fact that the Clayton Valley property is adjacent to Albemarle’s Silver Peak lithium resource and production facility. Lithium source material and transport mechanisms are in place and are similar to those that have supplied Clayton Valley lithium-bearing brines. They may also be conducive to increased lithium-bearing brine concentrations. In plain English, the evidence indicates these two drill spots could unlock significant value.



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A 2021 survey of the project claims by Hasbrouck Geophysics reported positive results for potential lithium brine.



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Backed by an experienced management team that’s successfully built and financed resource companies around the world, the building blocks of the future are the focus at ACME.


Mining is the long-forgotten foundation of energy, technology, and our electric future, but investors are now starting to pay attention. People have come to realize that mining is the solution, the answer, to today’s concerns around how we get to where we want to go.

For me as an investor, looking at forgotten or ignored markets that have not already gained 100 and 1,000 percent is a more logical approach than chasing after an electric car manufacturer. I would rather supply the user with much-needed materials, and this sector of the market has yet to see massive gains. 

It’s time to shine a spotlight on the investment strategy that can allow people to make asymmetric gains. ACME is particularly interesting because it is a new company with relatively few shares out: 36,247,814. This means there is room to grow and a strong capital structure for early investors to make money.


  • The fundamentals are there: lithium is critical to our growing energy demands and our greener, cleaner future

  • There’s an enormous amount of funding available for green projects, and lithium is classified as a critical metal

  • Nevada and Arizona are historically lithium-rich regions. They’re key jurisdictions in lithium development and in the U.S. where a critical mass of users is driving demand

  • Targets are set and ready to drill

  • ACME is led by a management team with a track record of meeting expectations. The market is hungry for lithium and our future demands electric, renewable solutions

  • As we become a society focused not only on profit but on solutions for a brighter future, ACME presents a compelling path towards unlocking value and supplying the U.S. market with secure, deliverable lithium


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