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Great Changes Ahead

The incredible and long-awaited move by gold and silver comes with promise of an electric future. With all this the integration of crypto and digital money as the Chinese extend their test of a digital yuan. There is much being worked on with Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan on the crypto side and it is without a doubt going to factor into the future. 

Blockchain is invaluable if, after all it is just a better ledger system…it is still far greater. There have been rumors of a Fed coin and as we inch towards the US elections with Democrats quite happy to allow their cities to burn and fall to riots,  in the hopes they will get bailout money now and perhaps a win in November means tensions are high. That is a country specific, but globalist see more value in the creation of the new energy. 

Like the first Depression what came out from that period was massive gains in gold mining, oil, and gas (energy) and some technology. What we face today and, in the future, will not be precisely the same but make no mistake mining which includes the new energy of battery storage, electrification and nuclear will grow.

A Master Plan

I mentioned briefly in the last piece the conference that was held in which bankers, and bureaucrats discussed what they wanted for the world. Whether you are for diversity of culture, nations, love of one’s history and ancestry or part of the globalist/consumerist vision, this is not what this piece is focused on. This is solely on the intent and investment opportunity moving forward coming out of this one globalist bureaucracy. 

I am not in favor of any of the political motives of these groups: inclusion, wealth distribution, quota systems etc. What is interesting is that beyond the hour of repetitive political catch phrases is the flow of money. 

The reason why these words are used, and why this is a whole other topic, is that they are vague, too general, and almost meaningless to the point that you cannot disagree with them. They sound nice – everyone loves freedom and inclusion. The weaponized part of these words is meant to make it almost impossible to dislike them despite the extreme Marxist ideology underneath.

 The reason why extreme ideologies like this are harmful are self evident; spend 5 minutes researching communism which is Marxism, Bolshevism and Antifa and you will find it to be the cause of two world wars, roughly 150 million dead, genocide and starvation. It has been arguably responsible for more death than all religions. As someone who studied International Relations and Politics and has always had a keen interest in it, today politics is a fundamental consideration in financial matters, and it will be for at least the next ten years.

Politics of Transformation

Despite the politics infused in the initiatives there are many outstanding goals. The conference highlighted that we must become more caring and nurturing towards our planet. We must hold people accountable regardless of rank, position, class, and money. We need to be planting more trees and quite frankly less complaining and protesting less.

The Powers that Be

This non-elected body is pledging $1 trillion to what they call the Great Reset. This is the shift that myself and others have been speaking about for years: The Electrification of the Future, The failure of the monetary system, the destruction caused by FAANG and other globalist capitalists who have helped destroy the economic system. 

These groups under the banner of diversity look to eliminate all sense of ancestral and historical identity and replace it with products like Nike that they can sell. One stop identity shopping based on consuming rather than biology, history, ancestry, and culture. The great take away is the way we interact with the world. This means a major shift in energy. We need to focus on cleaner, greener initiatives and yes, there have been many scams in the past with this sector but there are major improvements, new technology, and commitments to the electrification of the future.

The West

The West has the strongest chance of leapfrogging this violent upheaval of thought, energy, conservation, and community. We have the strongest chance if we look to the past and the wisdom, values, ethos, and logos that propelled the West historically, the values, actions, and work that our ancestors did to create the world we live in. 

This is going to be a difficult time for most people in human history, but it does not have to be the case for all. Those that recognize what happens in these massive world changing events will understand that energy, mining, and technology lead the way…and there is no energy or technology without mining. Those who have access to and control resources, and who obtain them effectively, cleanly, efficiently and with the future of our environment in mind locally and internationally, will be rewarded.

A New Currency

The shift of currency and money is coming with Fintech, wallets, and digital money. Crypto currency is paving the way and we are seeing a rapid development. Will this new Reset usher in a new Fed coin? There are so many considerations, but one thing is clear: we live in a time of massive upheaval. 

World powers have been battling, and make no mistake, we have been at war for a while and not only from without but from within. Conquering a people without firing a bullet is the most efficient and effective way of taking control and we see the crumbling of Western Civilization and what made it the most important movement in history to a failed ideology.

Invest to Win

The takeaway is this: are you invested in this push? The powers that rule are telling you how they are investing and believe me those that want to take part and excel do not buy funds. That is for passive investors. That is great but it will not create wealth. 

I never tell people to just take my advice. I spend a lot of time going through news, information, and data and at the end of the day always go to the source. The Fed, the trillion-dollar funds, the globalist organizations. The ‘players’ like Soros, Dalio, Drukenmiller, Buffet, Gates etc. – you know most of the names and they are flat out telling you what this Shift is going to be what this Great Reset will look like.  

The elitist people in control – they are not in a conspiracy but rather they are actively telling you on their own websites what they are doing. It is the media’s job to spin that narrative and unless you are looking for entertainment you will find little of value in most mainstream sources.

The Market. The Model. The Mindset.

I will not tell you what to do or give you advice.  What I will do is show you the system I have developed over my 20 year career in high level financial positions to identify growth trends and the companies leading those industries.  Some of my wins are listed below and you.  It is a simple but powerful and effective system .  

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