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One of the many benefits of attending conferences is that you get a chance to hear the ideas, gauge the sentiment and have one on one conversation’s with leading mining analysts, companies and contributors. The 2019 Sprott Symposium provided setting and an optimistic consensus that our time has come. The years of a tough market for precious metals, commodities and mining is over, the bottom hit and we are and have been climbing. The time is now. One company that I have talked about a number of times stuck out: Triumph Gold. If you will remember last year at the end of August Triumph Gold announced that it had intersected a gold-rich porphyry mineralization in the Blue Sky Porphyry (including 125.13 metres of 1.24 grams gold).

Before we go into some highlights of the past year lets remind some new people about the company. Triumph Gold is an exploration company focused on its 100% owned Freegold Mountain Project, Yukon. This is a wonderful region that is near the White Gold District, it has a road accessible property in the Dawson Range gold-copper belt that is the geological setting for Western Copper And Gold’s Casino deposit, the Coffee Gold deposit of NewmontGoldcorp and Rockhaven Resources Poly-metallic Klaza deposit. Triumph’s project is a district scale play, 200 sq km of contiguous claims that runs a 35 km project from end to end. The company assembled this land package over a decade ago and has since identified 20 mineralized zones including three 43-101 compliant resource known as the Nucleus Deposit, Revenue and Tinta Hill. This article is focused on this play, not just on the already impressive gold and copper resources it has, but the huge exploration targets outside of these deposits.This play is massive in scale and is the theme of this article, although the company also has two other properties, namely Andalusite Peak in the Golden Triangle near Imperials Red Chris mine and The 6,474 hectare Tad/Toro Project located north west of its flagship property. These are great projects on their own, but given the fact gold essentially appears to be everywhere on their Freehold Mountain property and is road accessible for great logistical and cost reasons, these properties won’t add much value until they find a significant discovery.

The people involved in the project hit the mark. This is a strong team led by John Anderson, Executive Chairman of the Board and Tony Baressi, their VP Exploration who John gives full credit to the current success of the project to. I have known John Anderson for just over a year and have seen him presenting, pitching and telling the story here in town and in London, England. He is confident in the project and what is so special about John and this project is that he started out as an investor in its IPO in 2006 and then proceeded to become instrumental in its shift in direction and most recent success. In 2015 at the bottom of the market, he took over and cleaned up the balance sheet, management and financial responsibility of the company. He has over 20 years of Capital Markets experience founding and financing numerous companies on NASDAQ, NYSE, TSX, London AIM and the Swiss Stock Exchange. His passion and enthusiasm is impressive.

Tony Barresi, Ph.D., P.Geo is the Vice President, Exploration with a track record of successful exploration programs. John brought Dr. Barresi in 2016 for an outside opinion of the project as he is an expert in the region having earned a Ph.D as an economic geologist. Having more than 15 years experience specializing in exploration of porphyry, epithermal, and volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits…the very system that is being indicated at Freegold Mountain, it was appropriate Tony took the bull by the horns technically.

An important feature of this whole region is the Resource Gateway Project. This is a key fundamental consideration for companies in this region. This initiative looks to unlock the resources vital to clean/green technology, and all technology in general by creating and upgrading 650 km of roads, building bridges and culverts and providing accessible infrastructure. The Federal and Provincial governments understand the riches stored in this region and that is indicated by the sums of money deployed: over $400 million! Do you think they believe there are discoveries to be made, and mines to be built?

There is a lot to know about this company, but let us look at some quick highlights:

· July 11, 2018 Triumph closed $5,124,000 financing.

· Newmont Goldcorp, Zijin Mining fund, Palisades Capital and Gold 2000 combine for over 50% of the company.

· August 23, 2018 The Triumph team gets results! Triumph Gold Intersects Strong Gold-Rich Porphyry Mineralization in the Blue Sky Porphyry, including 125.13 metres of 1.24 grams per tonne Gold, 0.31% Copper,7.0 grams per tonne Silver and 0.01% Molybdenum. The stock takes off on a run! This was one of the top 10 holes drilled in the world last year.

· October 16, 2018 End of Seasonwith an announcement of two new Gold-Copper Showings: the Drone Zone and Maximus II.

· On April 19, 2019 announce that the Yukon Government and the Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation have reached an agreement for the proposed Carmacks bypass. The bypass will significantly reduce traffic flow through the community and will help ensure the safety of Carmacks residents by redirecting industrial traffic away from the community.

· June 18, 2019 Triumph Gold commences their landmark drill program on the Freegold Mountain Property, Yukon, Testing Beneath the Gold Rich Blue Sky Zone and WAu Breccia.

· Up to date and on July 24, 2019 the company closed 5 tranches of private placement financing for a total of $5,122,913. This was in a very difficult market and closed directly with strong shareholder and little broker participation. A good hint and indicator of a successful junior is the ability to raise funds which means they can convey the story, details and results to knowledgeable investors in the sector.

There is a great deal more detail in this story but time is of the essence on this one. The mining sector is turning and this stock has a real chance to climb significantly. Will they come out with results at the end of August like last year? It seems like it could be any day. The magnitude of the depth of these holes obviously take longer to drill and longer to assay, but their labs at SGS have guaranteed a 30 day turn around.

Once again, we have a wonderful chart from John Newell from Fieldhouse Capital Management. John has had enormous success charting some incredible stock moves. His chart below is fantastic and is a graphic representation of the possibilities this company may attain. Reach out John Newell on LinkedIn or send him an email. John is a well known and respected fund manager in Vancouver with an incredible depth of knowledge of the Yukon and Northwest BC, what many call the Golden Corridor and loves to share his expertise.

Will the results be amazing like last years? Let’s hope so. Talented teams that continue to bring great drill results tend to continue to do so and I see this as a huge opportunity. They are drilling more than twice as deep as last year, and if they hit the same type of mineralization and grade, we could see similar price reaction to the value of this company.

The company has a pipeline of projects, three 41-101 compliant resource estimates in a mining friendly region that the Canadian government is investing $300 million in roads infrastructure! Triumph Gold had the longest +1% copper equivalent porphyry intersects ever drilled in the Yukon! (316m of 1.1g/t Au, 5.0g/tAg, and 0.27% Cu at their Blue Sky Zone. The company is on track to build upon this story and you are still in early to see great returns. You are well in ahead of the curve on this one. This is a well funded company with smart money behind it, in a resource rich area known for discoveries and a management poised to take the next step.

Do not miss getting Ahead of the Curve. This is the time, this is the third pick of my 2019 summer breakout series and get ready to hear more about this amazing opportunity.

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