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Despite the incredible catalyst of the Covid 19 event and the financial volatility and economic disaster looming, there is a dream of future smart cities connected by 5G that promise synergy between people and places: a healthier, sustainable, and efficient life to the masses. The cities of the future are not to be modelled after the ones we see today, but must be integrated with nature, working harmoniously with the natural environment, recognizing that we work in nature and show understanding of the world’s natural laws and not defy them.

Those dreams have not changed in times of crisis. It may take us a bit longer, but we will get there. This will become reality despite major setbacks from the violence and destruction that we are seeing across cities in the West; particularly, the US. Threat is becoming reality and it is terrible to see.

What we need to do now is focus on specialized companies moving the future forward as we want it. In these times of duress, we are reminded of the necessity of family, love, friends, time, health, and safety. All these important factors of life that can so easily be forgotten with the hectic pace of modern life. The covid 19 event has startled the world and forced us to realize many truths about our economy, our way of life and that we need to strengthen our resolve in the future of our civilization.

We were all focused on health, but with that walking hand in hand is always safety. Violence has escalated recently as Antifa and communist groups wreaks havoc on the streets of the West.

At the same time, we live in turbulent times with a financial rift between the elite class or 0.5% and the different groups comprising the population. This distance is growing not only financially but culturally, economically, and educationally. How can we feel any safety now? Safety is going to be more necessary moving forward.

There is a solution towards prevention: Plymouth Rock Technologies.

If police can get an extra minute warning of a shooter or violent mobs, even 20 seconds detection lead time the results could be massively different. Lives and businesses could be saved.

Plymouth Rock Technologies looks to prevent irrational decisions. It can help navigate riots, looters, and mass acts of violence displayed this past week. It can act as not only information and data gathering but as deterrent. This company uses engineering, hard science, data, and millimetre wave technology to help prevent mass shootings, acts of terrorism and senseless murder. They look to not only change perception with advanced drones, but also to give lead time to prevent terrible acts of violence.

Prevention of mass crime

Plymouth Technologies is a leader in the development of cutting-edge threat detection technologies. Recently they announced their Permit of Commercial Operations (PCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to operate Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) / Small Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft (SUSA). This is a big step in making this technology available for demand.

The company is focused on Air, Land and Sea.


Most poeple know the military grade drone– this is the most well-known side of drones. For those of us in the markets, understanding the use and application of drones in the past 12 years has been astounding. The deployment of unmanned machines to deploy a payload, provide communications or amass data has escalated furiously. Raptor, Predator, Avenger, all of these are names that instill fear and awe to a foe. The capacity for damage with full payload from these drones is amazing. Never has there been more data accumulated on the firepower of drones than during the Second Gulf war and the Afghanistan conflict moving into the killing of ISIS leaders throughout the middle east. Drones were able to fly in, bomb and leave with unnerving accuracy.

The military grade drone is a state-of-the-art product that can run as high as $9 million. These are the top of the line. The next category people see are the retail drones; the fantastic toys kids play with or videographers use for getting great aerial footage along with home recreation use. We see these awesome machines flying in parks and they are a lot of fun but not practical for any industrial application, although they are being used by some law enforcement out of desperation: a cheap drone is better then none!

This is by far the most visual and futuristic vision of prevention, detection, and safety. This is the key product to focus on right now with Plymouth Rock; although, they have a shoe scanner that is incredible and can be integrated into existing airport technology seamlessly, the real focus is the impact the drones can make, right now. Do not get me wrong there is a big opportunity with the shoe scanner in terms of financial profitability but let us leave that product for another day.

The biggest obstacles facing drones today is cost and ability to carry payload. I say cost not because there are lots of agencies and corporations that would not buy a significant drone but the issue becomes who is making the quality high tech drone with US software that can provide reassurance to the West. Of course, then there is how much weight can one carry. We know how much a $9 million dollar Reaper can carry – a full weapon deployment. But we also get a sense from watching the young neighbour next door playing with his new retail drone that it cannot carry any payload. The weight distribution and power ratio cause an impact on design and dollars spent. The impact on airspeed, battery storage and distribution mean most retail drones aim for 10-20 minutes of airtime!

Plymouth Rock has catapulted ahead in the space. The Miriad is a lightweight 20Hz infrared thermal sensor that works with 4k camera to collect data, scan, and detect from great distance and height. This is the X1. The X1 was not only developed with security forces in mind but as end users it received direct input from intelligence agencies, military, and law enforcement regarding payload, flight duration, airspeed, and stability.

Here in Vancouver with its beautiful landscape we understand with that beauty comes danger and isolation. These drones can act as eyes, ears with mm wave frequency to detect and collect data. This could mean saving lives of people lost in snowstorms, forest fires, hikes or any number of activities that put other people in danger to and difficult find. This is done through compact microwave radar systems for imaging through shoes to screen for concealed explosives, narcotics, and other inclusions without requiring removal of footwear.

The photo above is of the Miriad. Here we see millimetre wave detection mounted on a drone.

We are far away from these smart cities in many ways but moving in that direction. Consider a Navy carrier that must dock. The hull needs to be inspected and repaired from time to time. This requires thorough inspection and you can imagine how time consuming this is. With a ‘miriad sensor’ on a drone the entire ship can be evaluated for metal strength and for rust. It can check the overall structure and any issues in a fraction of the time. Imagine the applications for the thousands of tankers and ships on the seas. This not only works for ships but imagine the industrial and infrastructure use with bridges, buildings, and pipelines where surveying miles and miles of a pipeline to insure no leaks or stress areas!

The retail space is challenging, but this new market of advanced drones covers another impact: security of data. Today, the question who collects your data and surveillance is paramount. Unfortunately, we have found that China has been gathering treasure troves of data from the chips within the retail drones. Plymouth Technologies uses all US parts, components, drivers, hardware, and software. All the data remains in the hands of the US.

Plymouth Rock is a company that is in the right space creating security/prevention solutions that maximize industrial safety, search and rescue and prevention of violence. They are leading us with solutions to chaos, riots, violence with prevention. We all need to feel safe, to be heard, to display our outrage, hurt and mourning for the hardships in life in a peaceful manner allowing us to be heard and to have some release. This company looks strong as we enter turmoil, chaos, and difficult economic times. If prevention interests, you then consider supporting teams providing real solutions.

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