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One of the key solutions for creating the future we all want is the ability to prevent energy waste by converting energy in the most efficient way possible. We have many voices, like Greta Thornburg, crying out about the problems, but so few fighting equally as loud about the solutions that need to be implemented for us to transition to a cleaner Green Technological future.

One company that is well know for power conversion is General Electric. GE has been a household name for decades. Application and conversion of power is a massive industry and lengthy topic of discussion and is best understood with mining. Many mining projects employee machines of enormous size that not only require immense power and energy to move millions of pounds of earth in each load.

The conversion and application are tied together. It is easy to complain about world problems: anyone can do that. It is impressive to find an economic model to provide solutions to these issues and make a profit. History has shown that inventors, industry and open markets have driven inventions and now more than ever we must focus on solving real issues while making profit. Energy and power are the core of modern civilization and accelerated global adoption of electric and renewable power systems is a necessary step towards the electrification of the future.

You can imagine the scope of projects the likes of Caterpillar, Siemens, and GE work on; massive marine projects, mining, power grids, batteries, motors, generators, etc. A potential key innovation is to integrate new technology into existing generators to dynamically change electromagnetics of the generator with a control system that adjusts for higher and lower speeds and variable torque.

But what if you could find smaller companies looking to solve the same problems but on everyday items like dishwashers, scooters, taxi’s or fleet cars that require more efficient operation, and longer operation or range? Some of the benefits of power conversion optimization are less material used, less impact on the environment and lighter, and longer lasting batteries.

There is urgency in getting stock now. With many companies there may not be but there is a long list of milestones quickly approaching for Exro, and some have already been met. That is a main criterion for pairing into a position: the ability of management to not only meet but exceed expectations.

Electric Motor Challenges:

There are many challenges on our way to managing these problems, but the most important thing is that we are working towards that goal. One problem is the complexity of power conversion over broad ranges of speed and load often require two mechanical gears: One gear for start-stop and erratic city driving, and one gear for steady, longer driving like on a highway. There have been limitations on performance and deterioration due to heat generated by power conversion systems. Significant long-lasting impact can be brought to cities looking to be smarter and more efficient. More populous cities like London and New York have massive traffic issues and thus cycling is often the fastest mode of transportation. Congestion on city roads, even on buses and subways is a very costly problem. The toll on the air, environment, and efficiency of the entire city is immense. Top speeds in most cities is 50 km and average speeds are sometimes 7-11 km hour with bicycles being the fastest means of transportation.

There is a company that is in its commercialization and growth phase. It is a public company that has enormous profit potential, but more importantly has your values in line. This company has the vision to dramatically improve power conversion efficiency from the battery all the way to the motor. Their technology can reduce energy waste by extending life and increasing efficiency in almost any application that has a motor.

Exro Technologies is a company led by Sue Ozdemir who just one month ago left General Electric, where she was CCO and CEO of GE’s Small Industrial Motors Division. She oversaw. GE’s Small Industrial Motors Division, which under her leadership was successfully sold to China’s Wolong Electric, one of China’s largest motor manufacturers, in July 2018. Exro is reaching for optimal efficiency with lithium ion batteries as a substantial goal.

Optimizing system performance can be approached from various angles including battery management improvements, motor driver hardware and software improvements and even optimizing the rare earth magnets used in modern motors. I am impressed with companies that are focusing their efforts to develop innovative technology solutions to problems facing the environment. Exro has a dedicated team of passionate people who want to have a real impact on global energy and power conversion efficiency.

Battery Technology

A Battery Management System is basically a computer motherboard attached to each cell in a battery module. It has capabilities such as artificial intelligence, remote monitoring, real-time performance optimization and diagnostics for advanced troubleshooting. In fact, the Exro BMS can charge and discharge individual cells and modules to optimize performance and extend battery life with one major benefit being increased value in ‘second life’ applications. Battery modules are comprised thousands of cells, but the performance of a battery system is limited to the weakest cell. This is very inefficient because the 99% of the cells could be in excellent condition but since one cell that is bad the whole battery system’s performance is reduced.

Exro is working on the ability to control current, voltage, temperature and frequency for ‘near optimal torque’. Using AI, the software learns over time to anticipate the health of each battery cell and detects damaged cells. In real-time it examines all battery characteristics during operation and predicts cell degradation. Their system is impressive because it can fit existing systems which makes it ideal for any system with a motor, generator and/or battery including home applications like dishwasher motors, and of course electric vehicles.


An incredible example of a company leading the shift towards electrified urban mobility is Motorino, and Exro has partnered with them. Founder Steve Miloshev has been selling electric bikes and scooters since 2003, and in 2008 struck a partnership with a certified motorcycle manufacturer that produces DOT and EEC certified machines for the North American and European motorcycle markets. In 2008 Motorino designed and completed the CCT driving system which optimized the 500W continuous power limit to improve overall torque and acceleration – which had only been realized to that point with gas scooters. This development allowed Motorino to retrofit high-quality scooters and motorcycles with electric drivetrains. Which is where Exro stepped in. The patented Exro technology is integrated into the bikes drivetrain which has provided a torque increase of more than 25 percent and a corresponding increase of acceleration of 25 percent.

‘What’s really amazing is the application of Exro technology across the whole spectrum of electric motors, whether that be cars, trains or ship drives. This is a technology that has endless global applications and we are very excited about being involved.’ Steve Miloshev, President Motorino.

There has been a strong push at Exro is to commercialize the patented Exro system which optimize electric motors in global sectors such as transportation, agriculture, heavy industry, energy, construction, recreational vehicles, and others.

“This should be of major interest to the electric vehicle industry, which is clearly becoming vital to our global transportation networks,” said Sue Ozdemir, CEO of Exro. “In fact, it should be of interest to anyone who uses electric motors.”

There is a revolution in energy, transpiration and lifestyle taking hold. It is a movement of finding balance within profit, and sustainability. A balance of nature and technology. Exro’s patented technology shifts that balance in our favor as it optimizes existing technology bring efficiency and profitability.

There is a movement towards exciting, smart and efficient means of travel. We rely on motors and batteries for the future, and without doubt electrification is already changing how we move around. The days of huge, lumbering machines in downtown cores is starting to shift as more people take part in ride shares, electric bikes, scooters and other means of travel to save time and money. Exro is a key partner in optimizing this necessary future. “Our on-time delivery of the Exro-powered e-Bike, in our partnership with Motorino, is another major milestone in the path to commercialization of this disruptive technology,” said Josh Sobil, Chief Commercial Officer of Exro. “Our goal is to revolutionize the performance of electric motors around the world with Exro: to make them operate faster, stronger and last longer.”

Faster. Stronger and last longer.

Securities Disclosure: I own Exro and have been paid to work with the company.

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