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Juggernaut the makings to be King of the Stikine

As many of my subscribers already know I have followed Juggernaut (TSX.V: JUGR)(OTC: JUGRF) (Frankfurt- 4JE) with great fanfare since its highly anticipated inception July of 2017 and for good reason, as my clients have experienced up to 500% returns for Juggernaut’s exploration seasons of both 2017 and 2018. These fantastic year-after-year returns could be easily repeated during the summer of 2019 as Juggernaut’s exploration program is only 30 days away and is fully funded courtesy of a $2,200,000 oversubscribed institutionally supported financing that closed December of 2018. Juggernaut has also stated that it has received strong support from miners.

The financing that closed December 2018 was done at .18 flow through and .16 hard dollars. You can buy stock in the market alongside some of the brightest investors in the business with world class due diligence already done that would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. On top of that, you’re getting in at half the price they did. That’s right people; the stock is trading between $0.08 and $0.085, Juggernaut has traded well into the $0.50 range two summers in a row on very large, consistent volume and this summer could easily see these numbers repeated again if not a lot, lot more. Many independent geologists are saying Juggernaut’s Midas property (2.1 x 1.6km) King Solomon Zone has the ability to host the next big gold rich VMS find in North Western BC that everybody has been looking for. Does anybody remember Murray Pezim’s Eskay Creek?

Now let’s be honest people, the mining game can give unbelievable returns, but a discovery in the middle of nowhere is very costly to develop, this is another strong reason why I love Juggernaut so much as one of my core holdings. The Midas property comes in at a whopping 16,653 hectares, 100% controlled by Juggernaut, has logging road access on property and is only 14 km to major power, CN rail, and roads with another 10 km to Terrace, BC. The project is 45 km from Kitimat deep-sea port and the Rio Tinto smelter. In my career, that has spanned over several decades including investment banks such as Merrill Lynch, I have never seen an exploration company like Juggernaut set up from the get go with such extensive infrastructure already at their fingertips. This will add many multiples onto the value of their evolving discovery as everything is already built, a dream scenario for a miner I must say.

Juggernaut Midas Property Maps

Widespread high-grade gold at surface and in drill core over a (2.1 X 1.6km) area that remains open in all directions:

Juggernaut intersected Gold in 100 % of its drill cores on Midas in 2018
Juggernaut intersected Gold in 100 % of its drill cores on Midas in 2018

Now let’s look at the irrefutable geologic DNA of this king of the Stikine.Juggernaut’s Midas property 2018 drilling highlights were:

As I was told by members of Juggernaut’s exploration team, they believe over millions of years the rocks on Midas have been flipped roughly 90 degrees onto their side by the natural movement of the earth’s crust. This could easily explain why we see the long 35.35 meter interval from the 2018 drill hole MD-18-16 in the images above and below has only scratched the stringer zone of what is believed to be a high grade Gold rich VMS.

The history of very large wins for investors is tried and true for this region; some of the biggest wins globally of investing in mining have come from this storied area in northwestern BC.

Premier Gold Mine was the first really big discovery. When it started to operate in 1918, it was considered one of the richest gold mines in the world.

Snip Mine was discovered in 1964, but revived only in 1986 by Delaware Resources, which was later bought out after its stock price jumped from $1 to $28. This mine produced a million ounces of gold at 27g/t in average during the 90s.

Eskay Creek was discovered in 1988. The 109th drilling hole of Stikine Resources and Calpine Resources’ joint venture hit the jackpot with a content of 27.2 g/t Au (gold) and 30.2 g/t Ag (silver) on 208m! This mine had Canada’s richest content with Au 49 g/t, Ag 2406 g/t, lead 3.2% and zinc 5.2%. Obviously, Stikine’s stock price skyrocketed, going from $0.30 to $64 within a year before the company was bought by a major player.

Eskay Creek Discovery Chart: Stikine Resources $0.30 to $64.00 in 1 year below.
Eskay Creek Discovery Chart: Stikine Resources $0.30 to $64.00 in 1 year below.

Juggernaut’s Midas property is located in an excellent geologic setting with excellent potential for a significant VMS discovery, all in close proximity to both roads and infrastructure. This geologic setting and model have proven to host multiple excellent deposits, including the Eskay Creek high-grade gold VMS deposit.

Midas 2018 exploration ticks the key boxes, VHMS Potential Stratigraphy, Andesite and Rhyolites, Mississippian in age Alteration, Fe-rich Chlorite, Quartz-sericite-pyrite, Silicification, Geophysics, Untested chargeability and resistivity anomalies, Geochemistry, Widespread Zn signature with secondary Au, Ag, Pb, Cu and Trace element signature.The many layers of new data just recently learned point to clearly defined world class targets at depth for the fully funded 2019 drilling, Juggernaut is well positioned to unlock the tremendous untapped VHMS potential of their Midas property. The Midas property has shown it has the right ingredients required – location, grade, dimensions, geology, geophysics and geochemistry – to quickly develop into the next big discovery.


For further information, pictures, annotated maps and geologic reports on Juggernaut Exploration please visit.

Let’s also not forget about Juggernaut’s project pipeline people, when your buy Juggernaut shares you also have exposure to these prospective projects below. This is a highly esteemed team that has a number of huge discoveries and strong relationships with financiers and NYSE-listed major producers.

Juggernaut owns 20% of the DSM Syndicate a private precious metals project generator with a seasoned team of explorationists focused on discovery (A Project Generators 32 Year History). The syndicate owns 6 properties encompassing 14,101 hectares located in British Columbia. The projects with the focus for the upcoming 2019 exploration season are Goldstandard, Goldcrest and Goldstar. Juggernaut retains first right of refusal (R.O.F.R.) on the Goldstandard property. Exploration results from these three properties garnered the attention of senior miners and institutions alike. These are original discoveries and are direct result of recent abatement of permanent snow pack and glacial recession exposing vast areas on newly exposed bedrock never seen before. The quickly approaching summer of 2019 follow up exploration is fully funded.

Goldstandard property 2018 exploration highlight:


Goldcrest property exploration 2018 exploration highlights:

Goldstar property 2018 exploration highlights:



For further information, pictures, annotated maps and geologic reports on DSM Syndicate please visit.

Juggernaut’s price gains could produce one of the most dramatic stock charts of 2019. The stars have lined up: The sector is ready for liftoff, and North West BC hosts numerous world-class deposits. Snowfields have receded and revealed pervasive high-grade bedrock mineralization on Midas. Mother Nature is now just showing her hand, potentially revealing the game changing discovery with the drill bit we have all been waiting for in the industry. Global warming is certainly paying dividends for Juggernaut.

The age-old cliché in the mineral exploration business is “we are one drill hole away from a major discovery.” Anyone can say that, but what matters is who is saying it, and do they have the rocks to back it up. In this case, the Juggernaut team certainly does. Consider yourselves duly informed to be ahead of the curve. From what we have seen of the Juggernaut’s projects, people and practices, we expect big money will be made on this deal. This has nothing to do with the luck of the Irish as the O’Donnell clan elders preached the harder we work the luckier we get. In other words, luck is a by-product of busting your butt. We see that same spirit in the team at Juggernaut Exploration and eagerly look forward to the upcoming drill results. To learn more, visit the company’s web assets at

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