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There are a few factors that appear obvious why Juggernaut is an unstoppable force mainly because they are literally staring us in the face. First, Juggernaut is a new and relatively unknown company with its projects located in the world class terrain of Northwest BC known to host multiple world class ore deposits. It is operated by a seasoned team with a long-proven track record of success. Understanding this region they operate in, its ‘gold rush’ history and its current discovery explosion in growth is essential. When opportunity knocked as a once in a lifetime event, it started unfolding with the permanent snowpack and glacial ice rapidly receding, exposing rocks in a world class setting that had been buried for 1000’s of years. This seasoned team of project generators blazed a path into the unknown using their instincts coupled with an extensive database and tried and tested exploration methods that resulted in multiple new discoveries. These discoveries may provide the foundation for others to build highways to as this story unfolds.

The best way to assess this rare opportunity is to look at one of the extensive discovery zones within the Empire property, Rockstar. Juggernaut is a company holding many standalone drill ready discoveries that could send this stock quickly skyward with drill bit success from the planned extensive drill program. I believe an opportunity like this one has not been seen since the days of “The Pez” and his fabled find of Eskay Creek. Juggernaut could truly be only one drill hole away from a similar paradigm shift. As one P.Geo put it to me recently, “the opportunity in Juggernaut is geologically irrefutable, truly elephant targets in elephant country” This is what we all are looking for to get in on ahead of the curve.

To Summarize:

Now let’s take a closer peak at these two exciting new discoveries, 100% controlled Juggernaut properties Empire and Midas. Discoveries on these properties resulted from snowpack and ice receding, exposing outcrop never seen before that had literally been buried for 1000’s of years.


Midas is an extensive new gold in bedrock discovery 100% controlled by Juggernaut located in a world class geological setting that is only 14 km to major power, CN rail, with direct road access, and is drill ready. This discovery was made as a result of rapid permanent snow-pack recession in the region.

The surface gold mineralization has been traced over a 2.1 X 1.6 Km area known as the King Solomon Zone, and remains open. The extent of the gold mineralization indicates a large feeder source at depth. Multiple high grade gold mineralized chip and channel samples have been taken along a northwest strike for over 750 meters and contain grades up to > 10 grams per tonne gold over 4.34 meters.

King Solomon Gold Zone
Figure 1: King Solomon Gold Zone

The Midas property has seen very little exploration within an 18 x 10 km alteration zone that was identified by the BCGS as one of the last important large under-explored alteration systems in BC with very strong potential for both Eskay Creek style VMS and structurally controlled gold mineralization. Widespread polymetallic and gold mineralization seen on surface coupled with the extensive gold in soil anomaly that measures 1100 by 800 meters provides strong evidence of a large gold system that is drill ready.

Aerial View of King Solomon Gold Zone Looking NW
Figure 2: Aerial View of King Solomon Gold Zone Looking NW

The modern gold rush is on again, but so few are hearing anything about it. Drill bit news has attracted sophisticated investors to gains in the mining sector, but it is my job to get this out to people who are not privy, who hear too late behind the curve from the mainstream outlets. We listen to camp chatter, what prospectors are whispering about, and the excitement out in the field so we get in ahead of the curve. JUGR.V projects have road access and are positioned close to excellent infrastructure in Terrace, including a prep lab. Another way to look at it is from a story Dan Stuart; President & CEO of Juggernaut relates: “I was able to arrive in Terrace and head over to Tim Horton’s for a coffee and within 20 minutes I was on the property with a still warm coffee in hand!’ That is what is meant by close to infrastructure.


The newly discovered 5.5 km long Inca Trend is located on the Empire property (Figure 3), which is only 8 km to major power, CN rail with road access and is hosted like Midas in the world class geological terrane of northwestern British Columbia. This discovery was also made as a result of rapid glacial and snow-pack recession in the region. One of many zones discovered is Rockstar, it measures 1000 x 550 m with 450 m of mineralized vertical relief, remains open in all directions. Rockstar is located along the newly discovered 5.5 Km long Inca Trend that contains widespread polymetallic mineralization in bedrock and potassic and propylitic alteration indicating a large porphyry feeder source at depth. Inca provides for multiple strong drill targets for the upcoming inaugural 2018 drill program.


Empire Property Highlighting the Inca Trend and Big One and Colossus EM anomalies
Figure 3: Empire Property Highlighting the Inca Trend and Big One and Colossus EM anomalies
Inca Trend Overview
Figure 4: Inca Trend Overview

The second area on Empire that is a drill ready target is The Big One (Figure 5), it is located ~3.5 km north of the Inca Trend and is a large geophysically indicated, strongly conductive tabular body measuring 1000 X 800 meters that extends to a depth of 300 meters and remains open. This subsurface conductive body is hosted in a layered sequence of volcanics and comes within 30 meters of the surface. The tabular shape of the conductive body, the presence of sulphides including chalcopyrite on surface, and the presence of marine fossils in the area are all strong indicators of being in close proximity to what was a hydrothermal vent system, a black smoker. These results demonstrate Big One has strong potential for an Eskay Creek style VMS at depth and is also planned to be the focus of the inaugural drill program on the Empire property in 2018.

JUGR has barely begun to scratch the surface on these two properties and it appears we are seeing just the tip of an iceberg. The company could be just one drill hole away from a major new discovery in a world class geologic setting, proven capable of hosting world class deposits. This is a very rare opportunity to be in ahead of the curve.

As Dan Stuart explained in his interview with me at VRIC the “Rockstar Zone, for instance, is currently 1 kilometre by 530 meters and it remains open. 100% of the channel samples contained significant gold, copper, zinc, and lead mineralization. 92% of all the grab samples ran with gold, copper, zinc and lead.

3D model of the Big One anomaly
Figure 5: 3D model of the Big One anomaly


Dr. Stefan Kruse. P.Geo, Chief Consulting Geologist stated “we’re going to get in there as early as possible this year and run an IP survey to trace the extent of the surface mineralization to depth, prior to drilling, we are targeting elephants. The discovery of a new extensive zone of gold and copper rich massive sulphides at surface on Rockstar is very exciting and we look forward to outlining the full extent of this discovery both along strike and at depth. We have strongly recommended a comprehensive exploration and inaugural drill program in 2018 targeting this and the other exciting new discoveries made on both Midas and Empire.”

Also an exploration geologist on the team stated about the Empire property: “it was a foggy morning and we were all standing on an extensive newly exposed mineralized outcrop‘’ which had not yet oxidized, and when the fog lifted and the sun shone through the ground literally started sparkling everywhere. The geologists could not believe what they were witnessing a truly spectacular sight. I can only imagine that moment as they all said it at once, can’t wait to drill this, WOW truly incredible!!!

We cannot talk about Juggernaut without touching on the DSM Syndicate. A project generator team with a track record of ~ $1 billion in value (Bio of a 30 Year Project Generator). This is a world class team with discoveries and relationships with the likes of major producers and financiers that are meaningful. Following the story of this team is exciting because you learn that the process of making these discoveries has many phases. Camp chatter with this team was expressed as hurried, excited, but rich with detail just as the grabs and assays would reveal. Getting these grab samples is one of the first stages in ground truthing a generated target. This speed prospecting program covered over 1500 km of terrane and returned many multi ounce gold samples on different targets that now are staked. Juggernaut owns 20% of this syndicate. This is a unique opportunity all on its own. To have a relationship with this syndicate as well as 20% stake in its finds tells me that JUGR might have a front row seat at the table with this group, or at least could provide for a stream of income and additional news flow if another qualified partner comes along and develops any of these syndicate properties.

Now let’s look at Garibaldi Resources located in Northwestern BC that I feel had a lot of similarities and up-side as Juggernaut does now prior to drilling. Let’s compare how they stack up from a valuation standpoint. We have to stick with the math people and remember numbers don’t lie.

Juggernaut Exploration Ltd vs. Garibaldi Resources Co.

Both Companies don’t have a resource at the present time.

VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) comparison.


Garibaldi TSX-V:GGI (Low Season November 1st 2017 -February 8th 2018 $3.17)

Market Cap 96,860,553 shares o/s X VWAP $3.17 = $307,000,000

(GGI average trading volume 867,730 shares/day)

Juggernaut TSX-V:JUGR (Low Season November 1st 2017-February 8th 2018 $0.24)

Market Cap 61,429,569 shares o/s X VWAP $0.24 = $14,750,000

(JUGR average trading volume 114,320 shares/day)


Garibaldi TSX-V:GGI (High Season May 1st 2017 -November 1st $1.65)

Market Cap 96,860,553 shares o/s X VWAP $1.65 = $160,000,000

(GGI average trading volume 707,700 shares/day)

Juggernaut TSX-V:JUGR (High Season April 1st 2017-November 8th $0.42)

Market Cap 61,429,569 shares o/s X VWAP $0.42 = $25,800,000

(JUGR average trading volume 114,320 shares/day)

After doing this comparison I have further confirmed to myself that the blue sky potential coupled with the irrefutable drill ready discoveries in northwest BC rests in the hands of an unstoppable force, a Juggernaut.

I firmly believe Juggernaut’s chart could be one of the most dramatic charts you are going to see in 2018 and it will be what more do you want? A sector prepared to boom, in a safe region that is known to host world class deposits. The indicators of a major anomaly only 30 meters from surface spanning 1000m x 800 m x 300 meters. Receding snowfields that haven’t seen the light of day for 1000’s of years. The very recent revealing of high-grade pervasive polymetallic bedrock mineralization by Mother Nature on Midas and Empire could be the game changing discovery with the drill bit we have all been waiting for in the industry. As the age-old adage in the exploration business goes “we are one drill hole away from a major discovery” Now anyone can say that but what matters is who is saying that and what do they have to back it up. Now you are all duly informed and are in the know ahead of the curve. This has nothing to do with the luck of the Irish as the O’Donnell clan elders preached the harder we work the luckier we get.

Securities Disclosure: I, Andrew O’Donnell, hold no direct investment interest in any company mentioned in this article. Also, I was not paid for this article