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Even I can get overly excited and impatient when it comes to stocks. I can get ahead of myself and want to know the results of assays, drill results or financial results. It can mean quite a bit of money. We only have a short while longer to wait for Desert Mountain Energy as they have indicated they are completing and testing their two initial wells in Arizona during August with results expected by months end. I could not be more pleased with results thus far.
Todays news release that Robert Rohlfing has now assumed the new role as CEO, President and Chairman of the Company is a strong signal that we are moving towards the goal line.
Here is how I got to this conclusion.

Irwin Olian is a serial entrepreneur. He is known for finding exceptional opportunities, forging the creation of the solution in the capital markets space, and then handing the project to experts in that field. He has done his time and time again. I can tell you from speaking to him is not his dream to build a helium refinery or run operations of an oil and gas company on an ongoing basis. He is known for putting these deals together: finding the shell, creating structure, finance, and executives at each stage of the process.

The sports analogy may be cliché but to me this to me sounds like Irwin has taken the football to his sweet spot and has lateraled it to Robert Rohlfing and team to get it over the goal line. Remember we have no actual data or results but considers their first two wells successful having drilled to depth and encountered significant gas flows at multiple levels. For Irwin to hand over the day to day operations of DME to the next stage group is the right call, and the perfect timing.

This is a great opportunity for someone who recognizes the need for primary helium in todays new economy.