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Brixton announced 557.7 meters of 1.97 g/t including 135 .96 meters of 1.35 g/t at its Thorn Project! The Thorn Project is roughly 997 square km and is 100% owned by Brixton Metals. What an amazing result from a tireless working team that has weathered the storm. We are thrilled at the results. This is the type of news the Golden Corridor needs; particular the very heart of it: The Gold Triangle.

We first wrote up Brixton and added it as a pick back in April 04 of 2018 when the stock traded at $0.24. We are looking forward to a substantial lift in the stock. As an update to yesterday we started the morning at $0.24 a gain of 88% but expect the stock to rise as more and more people become aware of the these results. Do not be shy about some of the people taking gains from the market, there are plenty of people in at 0.15 that may be taking some money off the table. It is one hell of a milestone to hit and if you like to build into positions as management meets expectations then this is surely the sign.

Do you think with this major result the stock is worth more than where it was this time last year????

This is much more than just a sign or a milestone this is a flashing light to the market that there is big news and potential big discoveries coming from this resources rich area, an area barely explored but amassing great data.

Details of the thorn hill findings can be found on the website and of course the old article can be found on In Ahead of the Curve which I have maintained online to highlight my first picks for people to go back and confirm. You can also watch a fantastic video with VP Exploration Sorin Posescu, P.Geo,P.Geol and consulting geologist Brock Riedell at

The drill hole was drilled to 829.06 meters at the Oban daitreme breccias pipe within the Camp Creek Copper Corridor. This means an increase of 281 meters of new mineralization! The program found an increase in porphyry-type veined clasts or fragmented rocks indicating porphyry association.

So what does all this mean? More drilling to prove up the system, the theory and a stronger case for major porphyry. There are three distinct zones all within 3 kilometers of each other as the map indicates.

Mapping at the Chivas Zone has extended the porphyry along strike to 3 km where it remains open. We can see from the above photo how exciting this at depth Oban Breccia pipe results are with more mapping and data gathering occurring around the Chivas and Glennfiddich zone. The company is obviously encouraged by the results and strengthening of the theory and are proving up the other two zones for precise drilling

Mr. Thompson, President and CEO remarked that “the mineralized system at Thorn is huge; we need more drilling to prove up these zones. Just to put this in perspective, there are three multi-kilometer targets on the property; the Chivas porphyry, the Camp Creek porphyry and the Outlaw sediment-hosted gold target which are about 4 km away from one another. The mapping below indicates the tested areas with veining but also the width and depth of the untested Copper Porphyry target. Brixton is building itself an amazing opportunity in the Golden Triangle.

The company still has three other projects the 100% owned Atlin Goldfields project which is also in Northwest BC; Hog Heaven (great name!) in Montana, a historic project with 722 drill holes for 60,000 meters and finally a brownfield exploration project in Ontario named Langis-Hudson Bay Silver-Cobalt Project,

The company has strong management, well financed and able to raise money and especially with these new results will be attracting a ton of interest not only to the Thorn Project but to all the projects. If you can recall, the company has about 90 million shares outstanding and a strong mix of known investors, institutions paired with enough retail to make it an efficient market.

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