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The day has come and gone, and it met my expectations but not the market’s. Perhaps his excitement about the details of the technology were higher than most investors demanded. Perhaps this day was promoted a bit too hard. Either way the market responded with a bit of disappointment but for me this is an awe-inspiring shift towards vertical integrations and affordability.

There is going to be so much news on Elon Musk’s #batteryday and to be honest hopefully this becomes a yearly thing. Elon Musk is a mad genius. He may not be the most diplomatic, PC guy or even your typical flaky tech scene liberal but he is someone who gets things done. He may not even be a good CEO! He is a gift though. He is an entrepreneur, a ‘results’ driven genius and he is propelling solutions which are helping people, unlike the authoritarian tech monopolies.

Understanding that energy is one of the prime movers in the future of civilization is well understood. Delivering efficient, effective, and economic energy to meet the demands of our ever-growing technological world needs genius. We have also curtailed this growth by enacting some parameters that, although not proven do have ‘evidence’ to support harm to the environment. Getting into the details of all that is not what this is about. I am more interested in this battery day because BlackRock, Goldman, JP Morgan, WEF, the UN and other behind the scenes rulers are stating where their time and money is be being shifted to: the electrification of the future.

Will they build their own batteries? Panasonic partnership?