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An ancient English dynasty begins to emerge in Northwest BC, Canada. Tudor Gold shares a name with the transformative periods of time in England; there were many monumental events which defined the 118 years between 1485 and 1603. This period is known more for the conflict of Rome and the Crown of England which transformed a religion. Most great things in humanity come about through great upheaval. It is rarely the comfortable, the cushioned and soft that grow and create change. The question is if Tudor Gold will summon a new era, a new mining dynasty in the heart of the Golden Corridor; the core of the old Golden Triangle?

This story begins with the man and the land. It takes great minds to find the opportunities, to recognize and access risk. In mining the two become invariably united: the merging of human ingenuity and the abundance that the earth provides, often hidden deep under structures of shifting and compacting geology. Sure, there are plenty of times when someone got lucky and struck gold but this is not the story of Walter Storm, or the story of Brucejack, KSM and Snowfield the 3 massive projects surrounding Tudor Gold. But before we talk about management, the key players in this company and their remarkable achievements let’s look at the region, the commodity and the opportunity.

The Heart of the Corridor

Tudor Gold is a gold, copper mining company that is focused in the North West of BC. One of the unique and incredible standout illustrations of the potential of the company is the location. The region is rich with history and surrounded by past producing, recently discovered and potential new riches. Tudor Gold’s land packages are in the southern most point of the Golden Corridor. Four separate projects covering some 38,172 hectares This region is close to infrastructure, services, ports, airports, a highly skilled workforce and a developing region due to Pretium and Seabridge’s major discoveries. Many geologists contend that that there is an abundance of minerals in this region but what held us back was economic and financial circumstances: low gold prices, and costly infrastructure. I have spoken and written at length about the incredible opportunity in this region and my conviction is not wavering. On my website you will see that I am starting a video series that is looking at the opportunity to help uncover the riches in this region by investing in exploration companies feeding a hungry world anticipating new discoveries. The show is with established, and well respected portfolio manager John Newell who is the ‘go to’ portfolio manager when talking about investing in this region.

Photo of investors, Andrew O'Donnell, John Newell, Stephen Roach, north of Terrace, BC.
Photo of investors, Andrew O’Donnell, John Newell, Stephen Roach, north of Terrace, BC.

The management of the company is impressive. The figurehead and driving force is Mr. Walter Storm. Mr. Storm has over 50 years of experience across the globe and in many industries but is probably best known for his startup financing of Osisko Mining, in 2004. He was instrumental in helping Osisko become a world class gold mine reaching market capitalization of ca. CAD 4.50 Billion. After being considered one of the most successful gold producers in Canada, Osisko was finally sold in 2014. He bought the mining claims that would be Tudor Gold in 2015. Some geological muscle was added to the management team back in January of 2019. Ken Konkin was only recently back in Canada from Peru and Tudor Gold wasted little time bringing him into the company. Ken Konkin, is a P.Geo, a multi award winning geologist was recently hired as Exploration Manager. He was instrumental in the discovery of The Valley of Kings deposit.

The sense is that now is the time to start developing. There was a great deal of excitement around the developments at Tudor gold after PDAC. This project has been around for a couple years, as many well know but Ken Konkin summed it up back in January: “. I look forward to building an exploration team that is capable of fast-tracking and advancing the status of each project as quickly as possible.”There is an urgency and real sense that this drilling season will bring much more attention to a world class region.

Surrounded by Giants

Electrum Property

Tudor Gold owns 60% of the 650 hectare Electrum property located directly between the past producing Silbak Premier mine and Pretium Resource’s Brucejack deposit. Linking these properties is a well developed road, running roughly 40km to the shipping terminals in Stewart, BC. There was past drilling on the property back in 2006 and 2007 which the company has posted the drilling results. The property has two major fault lines that produce ‘bonanza type gold grades within a complex geological system’. The name Electrum comes from the type of mineralization which occurs as coarse electrum in quartz-carbonate veins, and vein breccias like the nearby Brucejack deposit.

The Crown Project

This is a large property of 18,300 directly south of the well known and world class gold-copper deposit of Seabridge, KSM project and the new Valley of the Kings gold mine of Pretium. The very same project Ken Konkin was directly involved in. What is also significant about this region is the “Kyba Red-Line”, a recognized geologic feature to which many of the major deposits in the region are spatially related. The geology of this region has been known, the understanding that there are significant t resources throughout this region, and corridor is strongly supported, but like all good things it is still a matter of drilling the right holes. We are talking huge amounts of land, with many anomalies but all the data suggests that some incredible discoveries are on the horizon.

What is significant is not only the Eskay Fault but the Thin Red Line, or Kyba Red Line. This geological description is attributed to Jeff Kyba a former geo with the government of British Columbia. The foundation of the concept is that most of the Golden Triangle’s deposits are found within 2 kilometers of this contact zone, His theory, published in a BC government paper, was significant because it was the first time anyone had tied the area’s discoveries together with a structural explanation.

Treaty Creek

Exploration of the Treaty Creek area over the past 30 years by various junior companies has resulted in the discovery of a number of surface mineral showings, some with very high gold and silver values. There have been over 150 diamond drill holes completed on the property from 1987 to date, in eight different mineral zones. It has been only recently; however, that drilling revealed the potential for a large-scale, porphyry-style gold deposit at the Copper Belle and Goldstorm zones, located on-trend, and just 5 kilometers northeast of the KSM deposits

Concession areas at ‘Treaty Creek’ are still unexplored. There is still so much more to develop, survey, sample and drill.

Eskay North

As the name suggest this land package of 1,298 hectares is just north of the historic Eskay Creek mine. There are no known resources on this land, but remains ready for further exploration.

The structure of the company is sound with 108,375,342 total shares out, fully diluted. The incredible thing about this number is that Tudor Holdings owns 55,923,178 shares and Walter Storm owns 9,172,500 shares. This tells us that there is an incredible belief in this company from Walter Storm. As mentioned before the location or the land tells the story. Analysis of the geology gives us the data and assays are the truth machine that will tell us if this company will help to usher in a new mining sector dynasty as we shift from marijuana madness and into real, life changing companies.

Putting it all together

It is my belief that more and more people are going to start paying attention to this story, more analysts, newsletter writers are going to carefully consider Tudor Gold. There is data being collected and a story that is forming that is attractive and while some other companies in the area are being coy and quiet this company could be a sleeper to consider before it gets picked up and the stock starts climbing. I have commented on social media that this year would be an impressive year for M&A and we have not been disappointed. I believe there is still so much more to come. When researching the company Tudor Gold’s website acknowledges that it would be an attractive M&A target for mining companies active in the region or conglomerates that want to secure a position in the ‘Golden Triangle’.

Eric Sprott came in for the last financing; and although Eric Sprott does come into many a deal it is the culmination of all these things which brings more attention to the story. This money seems to have been used to fund a liability which has been paid off, as announced on March, 20.

It is my belief that with this round of funding, the interest of Eric Sprott and some of the positive feedback after PDAC that this company is positioned with strength for the upcoming Spring/Summer.

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