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The most fascinating aspect of my work is where it can lead. Superseding the opportunities to travel and present at global conferences, like last month’s Mines and Money NYC, I get direct access to brilliant minds and revolutionary companies- some of which are changing the world. My research has gained great insight from mining and its interconnection with advanced technologies. The foundation of my work is based on the thesis that mining is a quintessential need of our civilization, and when done right, a strong way to solve problems, both future and current. The green and clean tech revolution is entirely based on the minerals we recover, especially with the precision and accuracy of modern-day engineering. We are the surgeons of Earth.

At Mines and Money NYC, a standout company at the show was NanoXplore which is integrating nanotechnology, through graphene to solve vital problems effecting energy and the environment. This is the type of company that helps revolutionize key aspects in our lives.

The mission of NanoXplore is a producer of high volume graphene powder for use in industrial markets, and graphene-enhanced plastics/composite products. This company specifically works with graphene which is derived from graphite. Graphene is the lightest, strongest, thinnest, best heat-and electricity- conducting material 200 times stronger than steel; yet, elastic like rubber extending 20% past its original state. This technology has higher thermal/electric conductivity of copper and even silver, is extremely impermeable but at the same time is completely transparent and transmits roughly 98% of light.

NanoXplore works off of a different theory that is in cheating Moore’s Law. Moore’s Law, originated in 1970 and is the observation that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles about every two years. One of the obvious constrictions becomes space, meaning the circuit board will become full quickly. The second and perhaps not as clear is the heat, the energy produced from the power output of smaller circuitry placed closer on smaller chip faces.

Our insatiable need to make products faster, stronger, smaller and lighter is driving the development of new and enhanced Advanced Materials with properties out of reach of prior generations. Goldman Sachs came out with a report entitled Profile in Innovation, Advanced Materials which spoke in detail about nanotechnology, advanced materials like graphene and how it reduces energy, waste and has a real focus on the environment. The applications in water filtration, energy storage, composite materials like car parts and of course communications like 5G is incredible.

Goldman Sachs reports that over the past three years the cost of graphene production has fallen 90% making it much more accessible, but the report emphasize that it must fall another 90% to become truly feasible. This is where NanoXplore steps in. They have solved the scalability issue with their patented process that provides low cost high grade-graphene powder with high volume. Of particular note is that NanoXplore is also highlighted in this Goldman Sachs report Profile in Innovation, Advanced Materials.

The team at NanoXplore is impressive but for just now I am just going to focus on Dr. has a PhD in Nanotechnology. The complexity of this degree is staggering. As someone who loves STEM this arguably is the pinnacle as it requires such a high level of expertise in chemistry, material science, physics, biotech, engineering and computer modeling. Of course, the term nanotech is broad in scope the best definition for us laymen is the application of the extremely small. One nanometer is a billionth of a meter, or 10-9 of a meter. A sheet of newspaper is about 100,000 nanometers thick.

Dr. Soroush Nazarpour, President and CEO of NanoXplore stated: “As a relatively new material, the development of the technologies and applications associated with graphene has been staggering. Unfortunately, most end-user markets have been restricted because these graphene applications are low-volume, costly, and provide a very specialized solution. At NanoXplore, we have demonstrated that our graphene production technology is scalable and economically viable in comparison to other carbon-based additives. We believe we are positioning ourselves to be the global leader in the commercialization of graphene. We are currently in the process of building a 10,000 metric tons/year production facility in Montreal, Quebec. The construction of this facility is fully financed, on time, and on budget. We expect Phase One (4,000 metric tons/year) commissioning to occur during calendar Q1 of next year (2020). We believe this will be the largest graphene plant to date, but more importantly, enables graphene to become a viable solution for high-volume commercial applications across multiple markets and industries.”

NanoXplore product line is focused on two markets: GrapheneBlack (carbon technology), composites (which includes three separate divisions).

The determination, the grit of mining and the incredible brainpower required in nanotechnology is fascinating in itself. We are literally talking about the edge of technology where possibilities take shape, and current world problems are met with free market solutions. What I mean by that is that they are able to make plastics recyclable. Plastics are something used on a magnificent scale, has a negative view in the public for its inability to breakdown and cause a great deal of water pollution. Providing a recyclable product that gets lighter and stronger even after 6 times of recycling is marvel. Typically, the failure rate is just after two times of recycling. NanoXplore plastics not only have been tested past six rounds of recycling, but they grew stronger and lighter each time! It means on heavy transport vehicles not only can the composite parts become lighter but the battery pack components also become more efficient.

This article is meant only to be a teaser right now, and that is on purpose. There is so much more I want to know about the company and that is going to take a bit of time, but I urgently wanted to cover what they were doing, the milestones they were reaching and the incredible progress they have been making.

It is easy to ‘get in the weeds’ with these stories because they are futuristic, often complicated but fascinating. So in an attempt to slow down and reintroduce what we are talking about lets recap. NanoXplore is a nanotech company specialized in graphene. Graphene is an advanced material or ceramic employed in many things including water filtration, grid, power, and energy and battery circuitry for its conductivity. The materials required are among others graphite which is from mining, the foundation, the bedrock of civilization. One aspect of how this company is changing the environment and the new economy is with GrapheneBlack which is scalable and poised to revolutionize composite parts for the automotive sector.

The chart of the company shows an incredible buying opportunity for a long term, growth investor that wants to put their money where their mouth is – by funding companies effecting positive change. I am looking forward to delving deep into the details with this Canadian upstart and it will be a real pleasure in doing so.

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