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It is time to follow the yellow brick…corridor. Most of you have heard of the following the yellow brick road, as Dorothy had done and many of you have heard of the Golden Triangle up in Northwest BC, but after speaking with Farshad Shirvani of Casa Minerals the idea of the ‘Triangle’ changing shape and morphing as the results pour in from experienced and technical exploration teams. The triangle got bigger, smaller and changed shape. Further discussion with peers led John Newell to name it the Golden Corridor.

Out of all the sayings from the classic book and film, follow the yellow brick road is the most memorable referring to the right or correct path to lead us to enlightenment or in Dorothy’s case from the Emerald city to her way home. The new term Golden Corridor is fitting because of the geographical stretch of land that begins in the rugged, mountainous terrain of the Yukon down to the lusher climate of southern BC. There has been much writing and critique of The Wizard of OZ being a L. Frank Baum and first published in 1900 as an allegory or metaphor for the political, economic, and social events of America in the 1890s. Some have postulated the thesis that the story was a parable of populism, and the gold and silver markets of the early 20th century.

How fitting for today!

But this is not about that story.

There has been a lot of buzz in the Golden Triangle. There have been some strong results but for the most part, with backlogs and heavy burdens on assay companies the weight on assays was long and we entered tax selloff season. Compounding on these timing issues, and as expected, the markets have been getting beaten up. There is a great deal of uncertainty on so many fronts, but quite the opposite is true in regard to this region. The case is building, the data is compelling and companies are positioning themselves for a spring which is fast approaching

Enough to Go Around

It is often said to drill next to success. Just north of Terrace there are several companies amassing data and building strong cases for discovery; companies like Goliath and Juggernaut have garnered people attention and they are neighbors; in fact, across the road to Casa Minerals. We often like to consider projects that are of close proximity to others that are having some success amassing data while meeting milestones. The results coming from this area are incredible with Casa posting some samples as high as 574g/t over 550 meters at Paddy-Mac. The conclusion is that this entire region is going to open up this summer as results and further targets develop. To dismiss this region would be a mistake, much wealth has been made from this area and so much more waits to those of pioneer spirit and dogged determination.

The story of Casa Minerals is not a secondary story to that of Juggernaut or Goliath. This company and story has legs and regardless of who finds what first, the race is on and competition is good.

Four Enticing Projects

The first is a High-grade Gold Project called Paddy-Mac. This site is 25 km north of Terrace leaving it close to infrastructure: power, road, and workforce. The geological system contains a ‘stock work of east-west running mineralized quartz veins with narrower crosscutting veins.’ This project is also being referred to as the Golden Dragon Vein which is being chased and tabulated with continuous sampling and future drilling. From the Casa Minerals website we see that the major vein:’ has been sampled over 550m with values of up to 574 g/t Gold + 109 g/t Silver over ~1 meter and 268 g/t Gold + 127 g/t Silver over ~0.6 meters in Rock samples at Golden Dragon veins.’ These are dynamic results and of course we will be excited to see what drilling results undercover.

The second project is an extensively sourced Porphyry copper, silver, molybdenum project just south of Paddy-Mac named Pitman. This site has been was drilled in the past, and it contains a known mineral deposit. Casa Minerals has worked tirelessly sampling this project from 2005 to 2017 and developed it to a very important Silver-Copper-Molybdenum porphyry target. Casa Minerals Inc. discovered 231 g/t Silver, 6.15%Zinc and >1.0%* Copper located 1 km South of Golden Dragon.

There is a High-Grade Silver prospect which is named the Keaper Project. It is only a few kilometers south-east of the Pitman – Paddy-Mac Project which means it also enjoys all the benefits of close and ready workforce, power and infrastructure. The highest Silver sampled is 2,232 g/t with 1.123% Copper. Casa has developed drill-ready targets with extensive surface sampling. The goal is continuing to amass data and build up the feasibility with an incredible drill season.

Advanced VMS Project;

Arsenault is a Beshi type VMS developed prospect. The company has data to work from with detailed soil and rock surveys have been conducted by previous operators including soil, rock and airborne Electro-magnetic surveys Casa since 2006. This prospect is drill ready and has all the right geophysical, geochemical and geological signatures to imply a robust target.

Strong Management with Current and Past Success

Casa Minerals has a good management team with Farshad Shirvani leading the way as founder, President and CEO. Farshad Shirvani M.Sc. Geol. M.Sc. in geology from the Shiraz University in Shiraz, Iran and has more than 22 years of solid geological experience in mineral exploration. Mr. Shirvani is the President of Doubleview Capital Corp (TSX.V: DBV) and served as a member of the Board of Directors of several Junior Mining Companies including gold producer Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd. (BGM-TSXV) for more than 7 years. Farshad has been involved in the mining industry for years. He is currently enjoying great success with Hudbay which is another project but is focusing on Casa Minerals for its strategic positioning.

Accompanying Mr. Shirvani is Erik Ostensoe, B.Sc., P. Geo., Director, Qualified Person and chief geologist. He has had great success and is known for the discovery of the Hat Gold-Copper Porphyry deposit; early-stage work at the Valley of Kings and KSM areas, the Schaft Creek copper-molybdenum deposit of Copper Fox and Teck, and the Chu molybdenum deposit near Vanderhoof, B.C. Having such a talent ion the team cannot be overstated!

The final consideration is the financial component of the company. The company structure is solid with only 32.7 million issued, with strong support. Part of the of the hesitation with this stock is that there will not be any further results until the team is active in spring, never mind the horrible markets that have most investors doing the wrong thing and sticking where they are or running for cover. Results from neighboring competitors revealed that more targets would need drilling. There is still work to be done by all three of these companies and it seems a matter of funding and timing as to who is going to lead the region in a sizable discovery.

The Golden Corridor has a big Spring and summer drill season fast approaching and not focusing your attention on opportunities and strong teams with great properties is a mistake. Casa Minerals presents a great opportunity that you should follow.

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