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Mastering Tax Loss Selling: Strategies for a Smarter Portfolio

  Mastering Tax Loss Selling: Strategies for a Smarter Portfolio It’s that time of the year again – tax loss selling season. You know, when the air gets crisper, and our portfolios demand a bit of year-end tidying. But what exactly is tax loss selling? It’s not just a fancy term financial gurus throw around. […]

Meeting Milestones: Regency Silver

    In the world of mining exploration the mantra is clear: invest in people and their ability to deliver on promises. Especially in the cyclical nature of markets, success hinges on strong leadership and decision-making along with management’s knack for meeting milestones. This is why it is important to look at the Board and […]

Redefining Energy: Rabbi Yeskowitz Discusses Curio’s Vision with Andrew O’Donnell   Join Andrew O’Donnell of The Market Mindset as he delves into the future of sustainable energy with Rabbi Yeskowitz from Curio Energy. In this insightful interview, they explore Curio’s innovative approach to green energy solutions and how it aligns with economic trends and environmental responsibilities. Discover how Curio is paving the way for […]

Reinstate Fairness in Canadian Mining; featuring Terry Lynch

Reinstating Market Fairness: A Closer Look with Terry Lynch In a critical dialogue on the future of Canadian mining, we spotlight Terry Lynch from and his mission to restore equity and fairness in the mining sector. Since the tick test’s removal in 2012, junior miners have faced unprecedented challenges due to unchecked short selling […]

MIT 15 Climate Companies to Watch

Discover the top 15 climate tech innovators of 2023, handpicked by MIT. From H2 Green Steel’s eco-friendly methods to Twelve’s sustainable aviation fuels and NuScale’s nuclear advancements, learn how these companies are shaping a sustainable future. Click here to open

Uranium’s Bright Horizon: Sprott CEO Anticipates Market Growth

    The Dawn of a New Era for UraniumYou know, there’s something almost poetic about the way the world’s energy landscape is shifting. It’s like watching the slow sunrise on a new horizon, one that’s been long-awaited and much debated. And at the heart of this transformation is a metal that’s been around for […]

Navigating Non-Fiscal Risks In The Financial Sector

 The intricate tapestry of the financial sector is marred, not by the usual fiscal perils, but by the often nebulous non-monetary hazards that loom in the shadows—born from human processes, technological constructs, and unpredictable externalities. Last year, a staggering $19 billion evaporated from the coffers of banks, a culmination of unseen risks that, since 2010, […]